Now Auto & Cab Drivers In Tamil Nadu Have To Pay A Fine Of ₹ 50-500 For Cancelling Rides

by Vinita Jain
Now Auto & Cab Drivers In Tamil Nadu Have To Pay A Fine Of ₹ 50-500 For Cancelling Rides

What’s the worst part, after booking a ride? It’s when the driver cancels the ride. Well, here is some great news for Tamil Nadu passengers. From now on, they can lodge a complaint with the transport department Tamil Nadu cab drivers cancel rides booked on a cab-hailing applications.

Here’s How Much Fine Tamil Nadu Cab Drivers Have To Pay

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The state government is going to amend the fines under section 178(3)(b) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The taxi (cab) drivers will be fined ₹500 while the auto-rickshaw and bike drivers need to pay a fine of ₹50 under section 178(3)(a) of the act.

The move by the Department of Transportation has been welcomed by commuters, who have filed multiple complaints against the app-based aggregators. Because they’ve been failing to take appropriate action against drivers.

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 Commuters Complained Against The Cab Drivers

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Complaints were registered against taxi, auto-rickshaw, and pedicab drivers who cancelled bookings if passengers chose any other payment option other than cash.  This also proves the fact that drivers illegally pocket the amount. The complaints were also registered against taxi drivers cancelling trips to certain destinations in the city.

Mr S. Balasubramanian is the director general of the Automobile Thozhilalar Sammelanam Department, of Tamil Nadu. He said the enactment of the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019 will impose fines on auto-rickshaw drivers who refuse to ride, which will affect the livelihoods of drivers.

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There is no second opinion on imposing fines on erring drivers, but genuine people should not be affected. He said this statement because sometimes drivers who pick up school children look for passengers on their way to the school. And they refuse rides to those booking to go to other destinations.

All in all, according to reports, the revised traffic fines will be levied for violations of the motor vehicle law from Wednesday.

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