Noida Gets Kolkata Style Chinese Cuisine With The Oriental Spice

by Kritika Kukreja
Noida Gets Kolkata Style Chinese Cuisine With The Oriental Spice

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If you’ve tried the Tangra Chinese in Kolkata, you’re about to get your mind-blown with Kolkata style Chinese in Delhi.

What Is It? 

The concept of Chinese cuisine in Kolkata was developed in the Tangra area. The people in the Tangra region originally belonged to Hakka in China. They helped to introduce the real Chinese style to Indians and it’s been there ever since.  Luckily for us, it’s now moved to Delhi and we get to taste it too!
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Curly_Tales_The Oriental Spice

Giving the best with spices, herbs and extraordinary cooking methodsThe Oriental Spice is bringing their mouth-watering Chinese cuisine to Delhi. The flavors and taste are exquisite and nothing like the Indianised Chinese we are used to.

What’s In It?

The best part about Noida’s, The Oriental Spice is that they also deliver at your doorstep. Utilizing some exotic Chinese ingredients like Xinjiang along with cumin seeds, coriander, turmeric and other spices, their items are freshly prepared. You can also avail the hot taste of black pepper, gingers, hot chili and sesame seeds in their food.
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Curly_Tales_The Oriental Spice

They are giving the people a taste they have enjoyed for decades. Representing the ethnic cuisine from South East Asian countries, The Oriental Spice promises to give you an experience that you will never forget.

What’s Unique? 

Available in small bite-sized pieces, the Chilli Garlic Pepper Chicken comes laden in pepper garlic sauce that is made Tangra style.


Curly_Tales_The Oriental SpiceBe sure to try the Chicken Foo Yong which is basically minced Chicken omelet prepared Chinese style. Another unforgettable delicacy has to be the Mandarin Fish and it’s best served as an appetizer.


Special Chinese cuisine originating from the depths of China is available now at Noida.

Address: 439, First Floor, Aghapur Village, Sector 41, Noida

Phone: +91 9268499499

Approx cost: ₹ 600 for two

Curly_Tales_The Oriental Spice

Who doesn’t appreciate a good Chinese delicacy? Now you can grab some Chinese and pan Asian cuisine or have it delivered at your home with The Oriental Spice. Enjoy the exquisite taste of Kolkata style Chinese cuisine now in Delhi.


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