Now You Can Bid On Your Taxi Fare & Pay Less With This New Auction-Based App, Drife In Dubai

Drife's auction-based platform set to transform Dubai's Taxi industry.

by Deeplata Garde
Now You Can Bid On Your Taxi Fare & Pay Less With This New Auction-Based App, Drife In Dubai

Dubai’s transportation landscape is about to witness a groundbreaking shift with the arrival of Drife, the UAE’s pioneering decentralised ride-hailing platform. This innovative service promises to revolutionize the traditional taxi experience by offering riders the power to choose their fares while empowering drivers with increased earnings.

Auction-Based Fare Selection

Drife introduces a unique auction-based pricing model, allowing users to select their fares from a pool of drivers. With a minimum fare set in compliance with Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) regulations, riders have the flexibility to opt for standard fares, discounted rates, or premium options offered by drivers. This approach ensures transparency and empowers riders to make informed decisions based on their preferences, including price, distance, driver proximity, vehicle type, and driver rating.

Zero-Commission Structure

Unlike conventional ride-hailing platforms, Drife operates on a zero-commission fee structure, ensuring that drivers receive the entirety of the fare paid by riders. This equitable distribution of earnings not only enables drivers to bolster their income but also translates into cost savings for passengers. By eliminating intermediary commissions, Drife fosters a mutually beneficial ecosystem where both drivers and riders reap the rewards.

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Driver Enrollment Process


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Drife platform is set to commence operations with an initial fleet of 1,000 cabs. Prospective drivers keen on joining this transformative initiative can easily sign up by downloading the Drife application. Just complete a streamlined registration process. Essential documents, including Emirates ID, driving licence, and RTA card, are required for verification purposes. Moreover, Drife prioritises safety and security by conducting independent background checks on all registered drivers. This ensures the utmost peace of mind for passengers.

Drife has an innovative auction-based fare system and a commitment to driver welfare. Also, Drife heralds a new era of convenience and affordability in Dubai’s transportation sector. By empowering users and drivers, Drife sets the stage for a massive shift in the industry. Also, it promises a seamless and rewarding experience for all stakeholders. How many taxi apps are you aware of in UAE?

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