With 350 New Cars, Dubai Taxi Company Expands Airport Fleet By 100%

Revolutionising Airport Transport: Dubai Taxi Company's fleet expansion.

by Deeplata Garde
With 350 New Cars, Dubai Taxi Company Expands Airport Fleet By 100%

Dubai Airport is set to redefine passenger travel with a significant development from the Dubai Taxi Company (DTC). The taxi giant has taken a bold step by doubling its fleet at selected locations, injecting 350 new environmentally friendly taxis into its service at Dubai Airports.

Strategic Growth For Dubai Taxi Company

In response to the escalating influx of passengers and international events, the DTC’s move to augment its airport taxi fleet by 100% is a strategic manoeuvre. The decision aims to not only accommodate the growing demand for transportation but also align with the city’s commitment to presenting a sophisticated image to its residents and visitors.

Unparalleled Service Capacity For Travellers

With this expansion, the DTC emerges as a formidable player in the region. It boasts an impressive fleet of 5,566 vehicles and secures a 45% market share in the taxi sector. The CEO, Mansoor Rahma Al Falasi, envisions a significant increase in trips, anticipating a 30% surge. This surge is poised to alleviate waiting times and offer swifter services to passengers, thus enhancing their overall experience.

Comprehensive Mobility Solutions

Dubai Taxi Company doesn’t merely focus on quantity; the fleet expansion encompasses a range of vehicles, from luxurious limousines to electric cars, catering to diverse passenger preferences. The strict regulation and monitoring of all vehicles by DTC’s control centres underscore the company’s commitment to ensuring safety and efficiency in transportation operations.

Commitment To Excellence

The CEO emphasised that the strategic decision aligns with the city’s commitment to continuous improvement and development of services. It mirrors Dubai’s commitment to presenting a sophisticated and civilized image. Also, it solidifies its role as a leader in comprehensive mobility solutions within the Emirates.

Positive Impact On Revenues

As the largest taxi operator in the Emirates, the expansion solidifies the company’s dominant position. Also, it forecasts a positive impact on revenues. Overall, the increased fleet at city airports reflects Dubai Taxi Company’s dedication to providing seamless transportation solutions in Dubai.

Cover Image Courtesy: DTCUAE/X

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