NY 2024: Sharjah Government Declares A 4-Day Weekend For Residents

Government employees in Sharjah rejoice as New Year's Day brings a prolonged break.

by Deeplata Garde
NY 2024: Sharjah Government Declares A 4-Day Weekend For Residents

If you’re a government employee in Sharjah, here’s a reason to celebrate the upcoming New Year with extra joy. The Sharjah government has generously declared a public holiday on January 1, providing all government employees with a well-deserved day off. This strategic move transforms the regular weekend into a four-day break, allowing employees to revel in the festive spirit.

New Year’s Day Delight: A Festive Gift For Government Employees

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The anticipated day off on Monday, January 1, extends the weekend for government employees, already enjoying a day off on Friday. With work set to resume on Tuesday, January 2, residents in Sharjah have the opportunity to kickstart the New Year with an extended weekend of leisure and celebration.

Nationwide Holiday Announcement Of A Three-Day Weekend for All

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The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation had previously announced January 1 as a public holiday for both public and private sectors across the UAE. This synchronicity results in a three-day weekend for the majority of the country’s residents, offering an ideal opportunity to unwind and create lasting memories.

Options Galore For A Memorable Weekend

With a three-day weekend on the horizon, residents in the UAE can explore a myriad of options for a memorable New Year’s celebration. Whether it’s a leisurely drive with family across the GCC or a short road trip just a few hours from home, the possibilities are abundant.

Dubai’s New Year’s Eve Extravaganza

Diwali Fireworks
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For those inclined towards city lights and vibrant entertainment, Dubai offers a spectacular array of options. From mesmerizing fireworks displays to captivating drone shows, the city comes alive with festivities. Additionally, New Year’s Eve concerts and parties are set to elevate the celebratory spirit, providing diverse options for residents to welcome 2024 in style.

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A Joyous Kickstart to 2024

As Sharjah government employees relish the prospect of a prolonged break, the New Year’s Day holiday sets the tone for a joyous kickstart to 2024. With ample time for relaxation, travel, and celebration, residents in Sharjah and across the UAE have the perfect opportunity to create cherished moments as they bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the promises of a new year.

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