Odisha To Get 13 New Ecotourism Sites With Adventurous Nature Camps

by Sanmita A
Odisha To Get 13 New Ecotourism Sites With Adventurous Nature Camps

Eco-tourism is gaining momentum in a lot of states in our country. Recently, Odisha has received the approval of 13 new ecotourism sites which will have adventurous nature camps. Most of these eco retreats will have lodging facilities except a few which will be specifically for day-visits. What sets this new initiative apart is that unlike the involvement of big conglomerates, the maintenance of these ecotourism spots will be done exclusively by the locals. The hospitality services too, will involve the locals, which will in turn help the communities earn their livelihoods.

Offbeat And Unique Destinations Identified For Odisha Ecotourism Initiative

Today, the travellers are off to discovering new places and new experiences. The tourism sector honestly, is leaving no stone unturned to cater to the needs and wants of the travellers. There are cases where travellers’ outgrow a certain experience, but Odisha has found its way to still woo more tourists. With the 13 new ecotourism sites, a lot of tourists and ardent travellers’ will find their way into Odisha once again. Eco cottages will also be set up in places like – Kotia and Deomali hilltop in Koraput, Khadakhai dam, Silviculture garden, Puri, Kanjipani Ghat, Hadagarh dam and more.


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Discover Odisha: Must-Visit Eco-Retreats And Nature Camps

With the upcoming projects, Odisha will have a total of 63 eco-retreats and nature camps. As per reports, there has been a growing trend of travellers visiting the ecotourism sites in these destinations. And these travellers’ not only have locals, but international tourists too. A few eco retreat destinations which you must try in Odisha include – Koraput, Pati Sonapur, Konark, Bhitarkanika, Daringbadi & more.

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