This Dam In Odisha Looks Like A Snake And Offers Breathtaking Views

by Suchismita Pal
This Dam In Odisha Looks Like A Snake And Offers Breathtaking Views

Nestled around 90 kilometres away from Bhubaneswar, lies an architectural marvel that is awe-inspiring in its grandeur. It is a dam that looks like a snake. The name of this unique dam in Odisha is Sapua, which also translates to a snake. When the water rushes heavily over the serpentine construction, its facade gets the appearance of a stunning waterfall. Only experienced swimmers are advised to take a dive at Sapua Dam due to the strong currents. Otherwise, the dam gives a breathtaking view with lush greenery all around.


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The Most Scenic Dam In Odisha

The Sapua Dam is located in the Hindol block of Odisha’s Dhenkanal district. Lying in the heart of a saal forest, it is one of the best places in Odisha that combines man-made skills with the charm of nature. The site that was once a hidden gem is gaining huge recognition among tourists now due to its overwhelming magnificence. The dam overlooks a beautiful bridge and the verdant mountains. It is a hit among campers and picnic enthusiasts. You need to be simply close to the dam and take in its breathtaking scenery to feel rejuvenated.


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Sapua Dam Is A Beauty That Comes With A Purpose

Sapua dam is fed by the waters of the Mahanadi river. The structure is a beauty that comes with a purpose. The Water Resource Department of Odisha constructed the dam to store the river water to assist in irrigation projects. The commissioning of the dam had taken place in 2006. Apart from the Sapua Dam, other places to visit in Dhenkenel include Dhenkanal Palace, Dhenkanal Science Center, Jatan Nagar Palace and Saptasajya Temple.

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