Beach-Hopping In Odisha: From Cleanest Shores To Water Sports, Everything To Know!

by Suchismita Pal
Beach-Hopping In Odisha: From Cleanest Shores To Water Sports, Everything To Know!

With a breathtaking coastline, pristine hill stations, lush green forests, dreamy water lagoons and more, Odisha is a true treasure trove to leave any nature enthusiast mesmerised. Be it mountains or beaches, Odisha has the best of both worlds. Odisha is home to some cleanest beaches in India including the blue-flag certified beach, Puri’s Golden Beach. A stroll through the soft sands of these beaches while soaking in the ocean breeze can be a therapy to your senses. So, here is a list of the 6 cleanest shores in Odisha where you can enjoy water sports too:

1. Golden Beach, Puri

The Golden Beach in Puri is among the 10 blue-flag certified beaches in India. Not only does the beach look spectacular, but it also comes with a slew of amenities for tourists, like a solar lighting system, safe bathing zones, and public toilets among others. The beach is disabled-friendly too. Near the Puri beach, you can take part in activities like surfing, cruising, swimming and surfing.

Beach Hopping In Odisha2. Talasari

Talasari beach in the Balasore district is one of the virgin beaches of Odisha, flanked by towering palm trees. Near the beach, lies the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and Subarnarekha river, which is a sight to behold. From a distance, you might even see the beach turning red as it is the breeding ground of crabs. The beach is also undergoing renovation with amphitheatres, kiosks and an art and crafts plaza. Here, you can take a boat ride on the backwaters.

Beach Hopping In Odisha3. Chandrabhaga

Located near the Konark Sun Temple, the Chandrabhaga beach embraces a spotless beauty with an unspoilt shoreline. “International sand Art Festival” which receives sand artists from all across the globe, also takes place here. Locals boats rested on the shore can take you on a tranquil ride through the calm waters. For thrill-seekers, the beach offers a plethora of water sports options like surfing and snorkelling. You can even have a bonfire experience on this beach under the starlit sky.

4. Balighai

The standalone beach around 8 kilometres away from Puri is the ideal place for someone who wants to completely detach from the crowd into the eloquence of mother nature. In the winter months, pretty Olive Ridley turtles come out of their shells and take over the beach. The Balighai beach sits on the mouth of the river Nuanai and is one of the best places on the Puri-Konark stretch to capture sunrises. At Balighai, one can enjoy parasailing and boating.

Beach Hopping In Odisha
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5. Ramchandi

At the confluence of river Kusabhadra and the Bay of Bengal, lies this spectacular beach. It had derived its name from Goddess Ramchandi, known as the partner of Sun God. And it is the ultimate destination for all those who love water sports. From surfing and scuba diving to speed boating and swimming, you can indulge in a plethora of adventure experiences here.

Beach Hopping In Odisha6. Gopalpur

One of the most postcard-perfect beaches in Odisha, Gopalpur welcomes peace lovers with its ravishing blue waters and lush green casuarina trees. The beach has an historic significance, as it used to be a prominent port during the Kalinga era and World War 2. The waters at Gopalpur aren’t calm enough for swimming, but the sight of the coast is a treat to the eyes.

Beach Hopping In Odisha