Hyderabad Eateries Like Karachi Bakery & Bilal Ice Cream Were Found Selling Expired Food & Violating FSSAI Act

Here's everything that the food safety officials found while inspecting the stores.

by Shreya Ghosh
Hyderabad Eateries Like Karachi Bakery & Bilal Ice Cream Were Found Selling Expired Food & Violating FSSAI Act

We love binging on bahaar ka khaana! Be it snacks, sweets, or a whole meal, there is indeed another level of satisfaction to gorging on the dishes bought from eateries and restaurants. Sadly, many such places do not always maintain all protocols and follow the necessary guidelines. This is when concerned departments need to take severe action. Recently, some popular Hyderabad eateries began to make headlines for expired products and more.

Commissioner Of Food Safety Inspected Some Places Recently

Taking to the X platform, the Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana (@cfs_telangana) shared updates about conducting raids at the Moazzam Jahi Market area in Hyderabad.

Moazzam Jahi Market is a popular area in Hyderabad and there are many shops, restaurants, and eateries lined up there. Just some time back, the Commissioner of Food Safety conducted inspections in some of the famous shops and found some shocking findings as well. The department shared necessary information about the investigation with the Netizens too.

The first well-known eatery that came under scrutiny was Bilal Ice Cream. The officials of the food safety department discovered quite a few surprising things during this process of investigation. In the X post, the Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana stated that this Bilal Ice Cream outlet and its manufacturing unit were found to operate without holding their valid license or registration.

In addition to this, the officials also found many water bottles of fake brands. The department has already issued a notice. They will also take necessary action against the shop.

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The Department Was Also At Other Hyderabad Eateries

The Commissioner of Food Safety also conducted a probe at Karachi Bakery. Famous for biscuits, cakes, rusks, and more, this is a well-known brand among locals.

After investigating this bakery shop, the officials came across expired stocks of biscuits, buns, candy, chocolate cakes, rusks, and toasts. The team discarded expired products worth ₹5,200. Karachi Bakery violated the FSSAI regulations by not displaying ‘Use by dates’ on cakes and pastries. Also, they found several unlabelled products and it is a violation of the FSSAI Act.

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This is everything that the food safety officials found at the Hyderabad eateries.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana (@cfs_telangana)

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