Ola Foods Scam: Delivery Boy Takes Back Food After Redditor Refuses To Pay Again For Already Paid Order; Netizens React

Despite paying online for the order, the Redditor was asked to pay again during delivery by the Ola Foods delivery boy who said the online payment wasn’t credited.

by Tashika Tyagi
Ola Foods Scam: Delivery Boy Takes Back Food After Redditor Refuses To Pay Again For Already Paid Order; Netizens React

Online food delivery is a boon! However, seeing the number of scams around food deliveries recently has made us quite sceptical. A Redditor in Bengaluru recently unveiled a new payment scam by Ola Foods. Despite paying online for the food, a Redditor was asked by the food delivery boy to pay during delivery as the payment, apparently, did not get through. When refused, the delivery person took away the order and marked it as delivered on the app. The Redditor complained about this to Ola Foods customer service but hasn’t heard back anything from them yet.

Redditor Unveils Ola Foods Payment Scam

New SCAM by ola foods
byu/Traditional-Fly-6663 inbangalore

Redditor, Traditional-Fly-6663, posted about a payment scam they experienced with Ola Foods recently. The story was shared on the subreddit, r/bangalore’s . According to Traditional-Fly-6663, they ordered food from Ola Foods and paid for it online. However, when the delivery boy arrived with the food, he asked the Redditor to pay again as the online transaction wasn’t credited. The delivery boy insisted on paying for the food on his PhonePe number, which made the Redditor suspicious.

When they refused to pay for the food again, the delivery boy took the food away and later marked it delivered! Of course, Traditional-Fly-6663 complained about this to Ola Foods’s customer service. However, they have not heard back from them. Warning people about such scams, they have asked people to “be careful and make a video if this same situation happens to you.”

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Netizens Share Their Two Cents On This

OLA Foods
Image Courtesy: Canva & Ola Foods

After the Redditor shared her story about the Ola Foods delivery boy’s scam and the lack of customer support from the company, many netizens reacted strongly. They shared their own experiences where Ola Foods’s customer care refused to help while others shared their preferred apps for food delivery. Here are some comments you cannot miss out on.




Such incidents make us question the safety of online food ordering! What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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