Olive Ridley Turtles Are Hatching In Konkan!

by Madhusree Chatragadda

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Its that time of the year again when turtles are hatching in India people! Here’s everything you need to know!


What Is It?

Listed as an endangered species, the smallest turtle, The Olive Ridley are tiny creatures only as big as 70 cm. You can catch the hatching at Anjarle Beach, 6 hours away from Mumbai.

olive ridley

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Here, the turtles are protected and conserved by volunteers during the breeding season of November to March. We recommend that you visit during March and May for the best hatching experience. Make sure not to take pictures with flashes and no, you cannot pick up the turtles!

What’s More?

Unfortunately, these turtles are facing an extinction threat due to constant poaching and hunting for meat and loss of habitat as well has contributed to their declining numbers.

olive ridley

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Help the gentle creatures grow in numbers by keeping our oceans clean and not encroaching on their habitat. The earth belongs to all of us!

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