Oman Ministry Is Hosting A Three-City Roadshow In Saudi Arabia To Boost Tourism

by Deeplata Garde
Oman Ministry Is Hosting A Three-City Roadshow In Saudi Arabia To Boost Tourism

Finally receiving the recognition they merit are Oman’s breathtaking deserts, coastlines, and mountains. To increase tourism to the Sultanate, Oman is making an attempt to move towards modern techniques. A fresh programme for the same was just recently unveiled by the Ministry of Heritage. To promote tourism, Oman will stage a three-city roadshow in Saudi Arabia. Let’s learn more information about this anticipated key event.

Oman Ministry To Host A Three-City Road Show In Saudi Arabia

In an effort to highlight the beauty of Oman, the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism (MHT) on Wednesday launched a roadshow that would visit three cities in Saudi Arabia.

According to Marwan bin Abdul Hakim al Ghassani, Director of Promotion at the Directorate General of Heritage and Tourism the roadshow, will commence in Riyadh and is set to move further to Dammam for a similar presentation on Thursday. The next and final stop would be Jeddah on Friday.
In order to represent travel agents and tour operators, the event is being attended by 150 Saudi Arabian companies and 15 Omani companies.

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What’s The Aim Of This Event?

Well, the primary objective is to boost tourism in Oman. It will market its distinctive historical and tourist destinations as well as its varied and scenic scenery.

The khareef season in Oman, which provides a nice climate in the typically scorching desert region of the Middle East, is also highlighted. From June 21 to September 21, Oman’s hilly Dhofar region experiences khareef season. This usually draws a large number of visitors from all around the region.

Additionally, according to Ghassani, the roadshow aims to advertise summer vacation spots like Jabal Akhdar and Jabal Shams, which are known for their moderate temperatures and abundance of scenic attractions for adventurous travel.

The government reports that Oman’s tourism industry expanded significantly over the course of the previous winter, with a 177% increase in visitors in January.

Did you know? The number of travellers increased by 177% in January, contributing significantly to the recent winter’s rise in Oman’s tourism industry.

In January of this year, the sultanate welcomed 295,279 visitors, up from 106,598 in January of last year.

Do you plan to visit the Sulnate any time soon?

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