On Banks Of Ganga In Bengal, Lies This Family Home That’s Been Turned Into A Luxe Heritage Hotel!

Bari Kothi
by Mallika Khurana

If you have been looking for a sign to plan a trip, this is it! A Heritage Hotel in Murshidabad with luxurious and rustic vibes that won’t let you leave, Bari Kothi has been restored after half a decade of being shut.

The trek from Kolkata to Bari Kothi is well worth the six-and-a-half hours. This tastefully renovated family house is perfect for travellers in need of lodging who would rather stay in the comfort of their hotel or resort. Due to its magnificent riverbank location, opulent lodgings, delectable cuisine, and classes in age-old crafts, Bari Kothi is the ultimate weekend getaway.

A Restored Family Home, Bari Kothi Seeks To Give You Grand Experiences

Heritage Hotel

Photo Credits: Website/Bari Kothi

A comfortable stay, mouth-watering food, and activities to keep you entertained, what more could you ask to make your staycation perfect? Bari Kothi is a place of heritage filled with traditions and history that will indulge you.

In addition to conventional and luxurious amenities for your stay, they have an elaborate plan that takes you back in time, when the history of Bari Kothi and its era flourished.

They host storytelling events where other Sheherwali families are invited to share their untold stories with the host family. They also offer instruction in the ancient embroidery technique known as “Kantha” stitching. You can also experience the views and sounds of the Ganga, which flows past their backyard.

Several of the Kothi’s original chambers, including the Music Room, Sheesh Mahal, Library, Gaddi Ghar, Durbar Hall, Janana Chowk, Gulabi Chawara, and Halwai Khana, are still in existence today. 

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Visit The Heritage Hotel For A Tasteful Stay

Bari Kothi Heritage Hotel

Photo Credits: Website/Bari Kothi

The Heritage Suites, which are considered entry-level accommodations, are tastefully decorated with traditional furniture and antique decorations. These rooms are furnished with antiques. The Maharaja Heritage Suites, with their tall, magnificent wood ceilings, antiques, exquisitely carved arches, and ancient furniture, are the most remarkable. The Bari Kothi’s chowk (courtyard), which contains the fountain, is designated for cultural activities. The first-floor verandah is where you can hear the amazing baul music.

The magnificent Durbar Hall on the first floor is used for dining. Their speciality is food from the Sherwali region. The Sheherwalis, a Rajasthani ethnic group, have included Bengali spices and green vegetables in their diet. It’s a delicious fusion of flavours from western and eastern India.

What’s not to love? Now that you got your cue, book a trip to Bari Kothi, Murshidabad right away!

Where: Azimganj, Murshidabad

Cost: ₹ 15,730+

Cover Image Courtesy: Website/Bari Kothi