Once A Storehouse In 1877, Then A Godown, This Boutique Hotel In Kochi Is Now A Museum Resort

by Tejashee Kashyap
Once A Storehouse In 1877, Then A Godown, This Boutique Hotel In Kochi Is Now A Museum Resort

Throughout its history, Kochi has had a multilayered colonial influence. And in Mattancherry, the images of bygone trading days by the Chinese, Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch and British are still prominent. One side of the road overlooks the pristine backwaters flowing into the Arabian Sea and on the other side, you find yourself in the middle of a busy historical street with two-wheelers and tuk-tuks. Amidst all these stands an architectural archive hotel, The Waterfront Granary by Bloom Boutique.

A Nostalgic Getaway


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When you enter the hotel’s lobby, you’ll be greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Built in old Kerala-style architecture, the place has a terracotta tiled roof and antique furniture all around.

The boutique property houses 16 rooms, styled across four categories – the Waterfront Suite, Museum King, Trader’s King and Trader’s Twin. The elements in the room are similar with high doors raised ceilings supported by wooden beams, four-poster beds and vintage furniture. The largest Waterfront Suite is ably titled for its breathtaking views of the harbour while the remaining room types open into the museum hall or the famous Mattancherry road.

When it comes to dining, Bloom Boutique offers an excellent selection of cuisine, including traditional Kerala dishes, as well as continental options. You can pamper your taste buds with sea foods cooked using the best spices, as Mattancherry has been the trading centre of spices since colonial times.

Stepping Into The Past

One face of The Waterfront Granary overlooks the busy waters and dock. There is always plenty to see on the water: ferries taking commuters home from work, narrow fishing canoes and even, big cargo ships. The other face of the hotel opens out to the famous Mattancherry bazaar with fragrant spice smells and a lively buzz.

Most of the Fort Kochi and Mattancherry hotels have stories. The Waterfront Granary was originally a storehouse in 1877, then a godown for ayurvedic herbs and now, fashioned into a museum resort. The property is owned by the Ebrahim Brothers, Afthab and Arshad Ebrahim from the Singeri family, whose ancestors migrated from Gujarat in the early 1800s to Cochin. It is an old property, stylishly renewed by retaining its antiquity with a pitched roof and colourful Athankudi hand-made tiles.


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While you’re there, have a look at the hotel’s unique pieces of antiques collected from the Singeri family and different parts of the world. They are all showcased in their museum room, ranging from an old manual printing press and 1928 Ford Model A to coins and typewriters. The boutique hotel houses rare photographs and artefacts tracing the family legacy too.

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While Fort Kochi remains a popular attraction and on everyone’s must-visit list, the street of Mattancherry unfolds the trading history of Kochi. And with boutique hotels like this in Mattancherry, it becomes more than just a stopover. You see, a quick visit is hardly enough!

So, when are you heading to this historical hotel?

Where: 6/641, Bazaar Rd, Mattancherry, Kochi, Kerala
Cost: Staring from ₹3420 onwards per night
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