Only Murders In The Building: Broadway’s Finest, Schmackary’s Cookies, Stole The Scene And How!

by Mallika Khurana

In the whimsical realm of “Only Murders in the Building,” where each character’s eccentricities match the backdrop of vibrant New York City, an unexpected superstar took the spotlight—Schmackary’s Cookies. As the “Official Cookie of Broadway,” Schmackary’s assumed the lead role in the Season 3 premiere, bestowing a delectable layer of charm and flavour onto the narrative. Schmackary’s Cookies transcend conventional baked goods. Their recipe for triumph? A fusion of Broadway connections, innovative flavours, and the potent force of social media.

Schmackary’s Cookies Take The Spotlight


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Only Murders In The Building’s attention to detail shines through as Schmackary’s cookies make their on-screen debut. During a pivotal read-through scene for Oliver’s Broadway comeback, a stack of these delectable treats graces the table. The temptation is palpable as the camera zooms in on cookies adorned with white frosting and sprinkles, as well as a dark brown cookie, both crowned with the unmistakable Schmackary’s touch.

What makes these cookies particularly intriguing is their synergy with the show’s theatre-centric theme. Just as the characters navigate the intricate world of creativity and performance, Schmackary’s is intricately tied to Broadway’s vibrant energy. The bakery’s creative collaborations with Broadway productions result in cookies that capture the essence of iconic show. It makes each bite a delightful ode to the stage.

From Broadway To The Screen


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Schmackary’s success story is deeply intertwined with Broadway’s heart. Despite its humble beginnings, the bakery’s flavours are the stuff of legends. They evoke a symphony of tastes that mirrors the diverse spectrum of Broadway performances. From “It’s Britney, Biscuit!” inspired by a Britney Spears musical, to the “Amazin’ Corn Bred Cookie,” a toast to “Shucked,” Schmackary’s flavours embody the spirit of the stage.

It is not a coincidence that Schmackary’s Cookies and “Only Murders in the Building” happened to cross paths. With one of the show’s writers boasting a Broadway background, Schmackary’s was a nod to the tapestry of theatre woven into the creative ethos. The show has a narrative thread, and the bakery’s renowned status as the “Official Cookie of Broadway” complements one another perfectly.

In the midst of intrigue and mystery, Schmackary’s Cookies contribute a touch of sweetness.

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When: 9 am – 11 pm
Cost: starting at $3.75 (Approx. ₹310.44)
Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Schmackary’s