Oops! Man Accidentally Shares Beer Pic On Family WhatsApp Group; Here’s What Happens Next! 

WhatsApp Group
by Sanjana Shenoy

Family groups on Whatsapp is a mood. The “Good Morning” messages, flower pictures, and WhatsApp husband-wife joke forwards are a joke itself. It’s all about walking a tightrope when you have to maintain the Hum Saath Saath Hai feels when you it’s actually more of a Rajneeti scenario. A WhatsApp group conversation recently went viral for all the hilarious reasons. Check it out.

Man Sends Beer On WhatsApp Family Group & Brews Trouble

Saniya Dhawan (@SaniyaDhawan1) recently took to Twitter to share a hilarious exchange with her brother. What did he do? The unthinkable! In her caption, Saniya tweets “no way my brother sent this on the family group”. What did he send? Her brother, a fan of the Indian Premier League cricket team, Mumbai Indians, sent a picture of a Bira beer can on the family WhatsApp group named “Parivaaar”. More like he started a “Pari-war”.

He messaged below the picture, that it’s Mumbai for the win. In no time, his dad messaged “What?”. His mom (quite shocked) virtually interrogates him and asks him if he drinks beer. They seemed quite shocked. What gives this away? It’s the repeated question marks in their questions. Saniya immediately messaged her brother on WhatsApp and told him to delete the beer pic send on the family WhatsApp group. And asked him sarcastically what he sent in the first place.

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But here’s where things get so sad and funny at the same time. Her brother replies that while deleting the beer picture for himself, instead of for everyone. And now, he’s helpless. Saniya has only one thing to tell him, and rightly so— that he’s gone. There’s certainly trouble brewing on the family WhatsApp group.

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Twitteratis Wonder If He Made It Out Alive!

Twitteratis certainly had a field day watching Saniya’s brother have the most embarrassing moment of his life. @daalmakhniiii enquired if he’s still alive. @Straying_mind is pretty sure he’ll cook up a story. @varshabagadia asks a very poignant question— why does Whatsapp have the “delete for me” button anyway? She called it a scam. And we couldn’t agree more!

Are you ROFLing like us too? Then, give us the deets on the banters happening on your WhatsApp family groups too!