Osaka To Celebrate Silver Superhero Ultraman’s 55th Anniversary With An Illumination Show

by Ananya Singh
Osaka To Celebrate Silver Superhero Ultraman’s 55th Anniversary With An Illumination Show

It may motivate you to brave the freezing winter in Japan for a short time if you witness the Ultraman Illumination show in Osaka. The lights will guide you home through Ultraman’s 55th anniversary. In addition, you can find some after-dark exhibits focused on the silver superhero and his kaiju enemies at Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park. Read more to find out more details about the show! 

All About The Ultraman Illumination Show

Ultraman Light Show
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Ultraman is not one superhero but several as he is known as Ultra Crusaders. Defending Earth from massive beasts and invaders, they are solar-powered giants. Crusaders possess a wide range of superpowers. Their drawback is that they can only stay on the planet for a few minutes before they lose power. Therefore, they must frequently refuel in space.

Several Ultraman films and television shows have been produced since the 1960s. Fans of all eras will be able to enjoy the most popular Ultraman tales and offshoots of recent years, according to the event’s organizers. Along with Ultraman, you’ll also recognize the Ultraman brothers and Anne Yuri from Ultraseven among the setups. Additionally, the astronaut-turned-alien Jamila and the dino Gomora are among the mystical foes to be faced.

Why Should You Visit Osaka Illumination Show?

Ultraman illumination show
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Even though the days are growing shorter and colder, Osaka doesn’t transform into a foreboding place at this time of year. In fact, Osaka transforms into a shimmering wonderland from autumn through winter due to the city’s exhibition of millions of vibrant LED lights honouring Silver Superhero’s 55th anniversary. In Japan, illuminations, as they are known here, are very popular.

Until March 5, the Ultraman Illumination can be seen at Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park, in-person and online. The tickets start from 1,800 Yen per adult (middle schoolers and up) and 800 Yen per child (elementary school students and under).  As the Osaka Metro group is sponsoring the event, Pitapa IC cardholders will receive a free LED keepsake.

The most excellent way to enjoy the light show is with friends or family. So put on some layers, grab a scarf, and step outside to experience Osaka’s most vibrant and cheerful vibe. It’s going to be LIT!

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