Oscars 2023: A Travel Getaway, Stay Inside Lighthouse & More, Here’s What’s Inside This Year’s Oscar Goodie Bag

by Tooba Shaikh
Oscars 2023: A Travel Getaway, Stay Inside Lighthouse & More, Here’s What’s Inside This Year’s Oscar Goodie Bag

The Academy Awards are the most prestigious awards given to films. It follows that the award ceremony would be a pompous affair. Among the many splendid things that the Oscars is known for, are its opulent goodie bags that some of the nominees and hosts of the award ceremony receive. Each year, it is filled with the most extravagant and lavish items ranging from gourmet food, luxurious trips, and an assortment of miscellaneous lifestyle items. Find out what’s inside this year’s goodie bags.

Oscars 2023: What’s Inside The Goodie Bag?

oscar goodie bags
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This year’s Oscar goodie bag boasted not one but two trips, several rejuvenation procedures, multiple lifestyle items, and much more. Most of the items inside this year’s oscar goodie bags are from companies owned by women and people of colour as a way to promote and lend a hand to the businesses owned by minorities.

The goodies were delivered to the houses of the recipients in a Havaianas suitcase. Here’s a quick rundown of all the items inside the goodie bag: –

  • Clif Thins worth $13.56
  • A loaf of Japanese Milk Bread worth $18
  • Miage Skincare products
  • Blush Silks pillowcase
  • Travel Pillow by PETA
  • Ariadne Skin Wellness Products
  • All Better Co. products
  • Products from Bored Rebel
  • Daily Energy Cards
  • Effecti-cal products
  • Kind Reason Co. products
  • KnowingLabs products
  • $25,000 voucher for Maison Construction
  • NatureGeeks products
  • Rarete Studios products
  • ReFa products
  • Proflexa products
  • Oxygenetix products
  • The Millions-Billions-Trillions Brand products
  • $40,000 getaway to Lifestyle, a Canadian Estate
  • Stay for 8 people inside a restored Italian lighthouse
  • A piece of land in Queensland, Australia as a symbolic souvenir.

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About The Oscars’ Goodie Bag Tradition

Oscars have long held the tradition of giving goodie bags to the hosts and nominees of the categories of “Best Actor”, “Best Actress”, “Best Director”, “Best Supporting Actor”, and “Best Supporting Actress.”

Of course, the recipients have the option of refusing the gift bags. The actor Denzel Washington, last year, refused his goodie bag. JK Simmons auctioned his goodie bag and donated the money to a charity. George Clooney also did the same in 2006.

It should also be noted that though the recipients are given the goodie bags for free, they still have to pay the taxes that are applicable on receiving the goodie bags.

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