Over 100 VietJet Passengers Stuck At Mumbai Airport For 12 Hrs Without Water; Share Plight On Twitter

by Shreya Ghosh
Over 100 VietJet Passengers Stuck At Mumbai Airport For 12 Hrs Without Water; Share Plight On Twitter

Last night was no less than a nightmare for VietJet passengers at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai. More than 100 flyers were at the airport to catch a VietJet flight to travel to Vietnam. Unfortunately, nothing went according to plan and they had to stay stranded and spend the entire night inside the Mumbai airport premises. The experience of waiting for their flight and getting no updates in such uncertain times is surely very distressing.

VietJet Passengers Had The Most Miserable Experiences

The Vietnam-bound flight was supposed to take off from the Mumbai airport at around 11 PM on 25 May 2023 to reach Ho Chi Minh City. With no prior information, everyone was bound to spend the entire night and Friday morning inside the airport, that too without any proper facilities and services by the VietJet airline.

Mirror Now is reporting the harrowing incident from the airport and they shared it on their official Twitter account @MirrorNow.

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The journalist spoke with some stuck passengers and they shared all their miserable experiences. A woman passenger shared that the passengers were stuck inside the flight from 11 PM last night to 6:30 am today. They were forced to sit inside for about 7 hours, that too without any AC. They were only informed that the flight will take off in about half an hour continuously as there are some technical glitches. Without any food or water, they just had to stay stranded inside the airport premises after deboarding.

Flyers Took To Social Media To Share Updates On This Incident

Many passengers talked about the rude staff and horrible services of the VietJet airline on social media. Some stated how the staff behaved badly with everyone. Neither they were provided with proper services, nor there were any food or water for them.

A passenger tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to cancel the license of VietJet Airline.

There were children and senior citizens among these hundreds of passengers. Sitting on a flight for 7 hours was a chaotic time for everyone, especially them. Worst of all, they could not access their bags that contained important belongings such as medicines.

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The last night was miserable for every VietJet flyer stuck inside the Mumbai airport.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Preeti Sompura (@sompura_preeti), Twitter/ Karuna Kirpalani (@KarunaKirpalani)