P7 & 3 Most Expensive Car Number Plates Sold In Dubai That Cost Over 50 Million Dirhams

by Deeplata Garde
P7 & 3 Most Expensive Car Number Plates Sold In Dubai That Cost Over 50 Million Dirhams

The richest billionaires can be found in Dubai and we call it the city of bling. They can splurge any amount of money for leisure, or things they like. It’s like the “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it” situation for Emiratis! So the news of the most expensive car number plate being sold for whopping million dollars didn’t surprise us. Let’s have a look at the most expensive car number plates sold in Dubai.

P7 Car Number Plate Sold At AED 55 Million

The 1 Billion Meals Endowment initiative was supported by the Most Noble Numbers charitable event. At the “Most Noble Numbers” auction in Dubai on Saturday night, the automobile licence plate P7 was sold for an astounding Dh55 million, breaking the previous record. After a furious bidding war between guests at the Four Seasons resort in Jumeirah, the winning bid was made. And the humongous bid caught AED 55 Million! Told ya, people are rich here!

P7 recorded the most pricey automobile licence plate after it was sold for a staggering 55 million dirhams at the “Most Noble Numbers” auctions in UAE-Dubai. The initial bid was 15 million dirhams, but it swiftly rose to roughly 30 million dirhams. The offer, which was made by French Emirati businessman and owner of Telegram, Pavel Valeryevich Durov, stayed at Dh 25 million for a period after that. The cost quickly escalated until bid panel seven, which chose secrecy, decided it to be Dh 55 million.

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Three Other Expensive Car Number Plates That Were Bought By Dubai-ites!

1. AA9

This noble number AA9 set a new record for the most expensive number plate in the world in 2021 when it was sold for Dhs 38 million.

2. AA8

The Emirate, known as auctioneer number 10 took the AA8 number plate home after placing a bid of Dh35 million amidst fierce bidding from renowned donors and notable figures in 2022.

3. D5

A Dubai Based Indian Business tycoon, Balwinder Sahini bought the D5 number plate for a whopping amount of dh33 Million in the year 2016.

Does your perception of UAE having only one rich Emirate i.e. Dubai? Let me prove you wrong because the second most expensive plate that stands presently was bought by a man from Abu Dhabi. The record-breaking deal collected Dh52.2 million for the number plate ‘F1’.

We wait for more such record-breaking deals to happen in UAE! Until then, wait for more news!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Emirates Auction