Paan Burger AKA Pan-Ger Has Netizens Fuming But With Hilarious GIFs!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Paan Burger AKA Pan-Ger Has Netizens Fuming But With Hilarious GIFs!

Many of you must have the habit of eating paan right after dinner. Each person has different preferences when it comes to having paan, some like it to be extremely sweet, while others want it to be packed with a punch. There are many vendors who have brought in innovations like chocolate paan or fire paan. But this vendor took innovation to another level by stuffing the paan between burger buns and introducing the Paan Burger. 

Paan Burger: Another Weird Food Trend No One Asked For

Twitter saw a video posted by @zhr_jafri, featuring paan burger, which has gone viral on the internet. The video begins with a vendor adding all the basic ingredients that are added to a pan, like betel nuts, slacked lime, and more, to a betel leaf. 

Then, to make it rich, he adds chocolate, almonds, and barfi too. The next thing it does is add mayonnaise over this. Just so you know, this betel leaf is placed on a burger bun, and then after adding mayo, he places another piece of bun to complete the burger. 

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Netizens Express Their Disappointment

This paan burger video posted by @zhr_jafri on Twitter has by far received 54.1K views and over 200 likes. 

Netizens did not at all welcome this weird food trend and were fuming after the vendor mixed two distinct dishes into one. Some users suggested more such ideas in sarcasm, like Nutella Biryani, Biryani ice cream, and others. 


While other users posted funny GIFS to express their disappointment towards this weird food trend. 

Another user said that she would rather go back in time to when people used to eat things from trees than look at such food trends. A few of them also predicted the upcoming trends that no one will ever ask for but vendors will still make. 

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Will you try this paan burger? Let us know!

Cover Image Courtesy: @zhr_jafri/Twitter