Pakistani Travellers With Minimum Monthly Credit Of SAR 2813 Can Now Apply For Saudi Visit Visa; Details Inside

Saudi Arabia simplifies visa process for Pakistani Travellers.

by Deeplata Garde
Pakistani Travellers With Minimum Monthly Credit Of SAR 2813 Can Now Apply For Saudi Visit Visa; Details Inside

Great news for Pakistani travellers! Saudi Arabia has eased its tourist visa requirements, making it simpler and quicker to visit the Kingdom. Pakistani nationals now need to submit a bank statement showing a minimum monthly credit of $750 or its equivalent, according to the Saudi Tourism Authority’s announcement on Wednesday.

New Saudi Visa Requirements for Pakistani Travellers

Visa Application Platform
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With immediate effect, the streamlined visa process aims to accommodate the growing number of Pakistani tourists. The Saudi Tourism Authority highlighted that the country remains a top destination for Pakistani travellers, witnessing a 43% increase in visitors compared to 2023. Saudi Arabia aims to welcome 2.7 million Pakistani visitors in 2024.

A User-Friendly Application Process

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To facilitate this growing demand, Saudi Arabia has established six Tasheer offices across Pakistan in Peshawar, Quetta, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Multan. These offices provide a convenient and user-friendly experience, including visa application guidance, biometric enrolment, status tracking, and passport delivery.

Travellers have the option to book an appointment on the Tasheer website before their visit, ensuring a streamlined process for Pakistani travellers to acquire their Saudi visit visa in advance of their journey.

Additional Visa Options For Saudi

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In addition to the simplified tourist visa, Saudi Arabia has introduced a transit visa for travellers arriving via Saudia and Flynas Airlines. This visa allows visitors to transit and explore Saudi Arabia for up to 96 hours, providing a unique opportunity to experience the Kingdom’s rich culture and history.

For those holding a valid and used UK, US, or Schengen visa, visa-on-arrival options are available, further simplifying the travel process.

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One-Year Multiple Entry Visa

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Last year, Saudi Arabia introduced a one-year multiple-entry visa specifically for Pakistani travellers. This visa is ideal for personal visits, such as attending weddings or family functions or visiting friends. It allows multiple entries within 12 months, giving travellers the freedom to explore Saudi Arabia’s vibrant cities, cultural richness, and natural wonders throughout the year.
By making the visa application process easier, Saudi Arabia encourages more Pakistani travellers to visit their friends and family, perform Umrah, and explore the Kingdom. From Riyadh’s vibrant cityscape to Jeddah’s cultural richness, the hidden treasures of the Red Sea, and the ancient marvels of AlUla, Saudi Arabia offers a plethora of experiences for every traveller.

So, pack your bags and fly to Saudi Arabia. With simplified visa requirements, your next adventure is just a bank statement away!

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