UAE, India, Bangladesh & More; Saudi Visa Goes Digital For 7 Countries Starting 1st May!

by Deeplata Garde
UAE, India, Bangladesh & More; Saudi Visa Goes Digital For 7 Countries Starting 1st May!

Every country is reaching the digital approach regarding visas and other travel-related documents. The newbie to join this club is Saudi Arabia. The kingdom has announced that it will scrap the old stickers and replace them with QR Codes. The electronic visa introduction in Saudi is a revolutionary moment and is set to change & simplify many processes. 7 Countries are set to benefit from this. Let’s check out which countries would enjoy the advantages.

7 Countries Would Benefit From Saudi’s E-Visa

Saudi Arabia Ministry‘s mission stood to employ e-visas with QR codes on May 1st in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, and Indonesia. The Kingdom has lately improved the visa application process and loosened visa requirements in an effort to draw more tourists and foreign companies. Additionally, it coincides with discussions of a potential regional Schengen visa that would apply to all members of the GCC.

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This Move Will Increase Tourism In The Kingdom

Pic Creds: Twitter/ Jabal Omar

India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Jordan, UAE, Egypt, and Indonesia are the countries that will be seeking benefit from this idea. The Saudi Foreign Ministry’s initiative to introduce e-visas aims to digitise diplomatic services. It also developed a new method of granting work, residency, and visit visas in the aforementioned nations. The action is a part of initiatives that aim to streamline consular services and create a system for approving various types of visas, including work, residency, and visit visas. The primary English-language publication in the Kingdom, Saudi Gazette, corroborated this information.

In order to handle a boom in tourism, Saudi Arabia started issuing e-visas in late 2019. Said last year that anyone may use the website’s e-visa services form to apply for a “personal visit” visa. This simplified the process of visiting their acquaintances who are Saudi citizens.

The validity of this visa is 90 days and entitles holders can travel all around the kingdom. It also includes performing Umrah and offering prayers in the two holy cities.

The Saudi Arabian tourism industry and the seven other nations that are following the bandwagon are going to undergo some major changes as a result of the e-Visa idea.

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