Parineeti Chopra Is Raving About Momos At Brother Sahaj Chopra’s Fat Tiger In Delhi!

by Tejashee Kashyap
Parineeti Chopra Is Raving About Momos At Brother Sahaj Chopra’s Fat Tiger In Delhi!

The nation’s capital will never let you down when it comes to momos, whether you choose vegetarian, chicken, paneer, or pig varieties. And Bollywood actor, Parineeti Chopra had the same experience during her visit to the capital.

Parineeti Chopra’s Delhi Food Trails

Being a self-described gourmet, Parineeti Chopra’s culinary journals are chock full of delicious desi dishes and foreign cuisines. It’s admirable how the actress maintains such a strong relationship with food and never hesitates to indulge in a range of meals. What did she lately like, then?

Chopra took to Instagram to post images of a fully loaded plate of momos that she relished with a bowl of hot and spicy chilli sauce. Moreover, she also recommends dal makhani to try.

Who doesn’t love a plate of momos and dal makhani? They are the ultimate comfort food and are celebrated in various cultures.

The Love For Momos

Has Parineeti Chopra’s post got you yearning for momos and dal makhani? Chopra also recommended the food joints that got her these mouth-watering dishes. Indian restaurants, The Old Delhi and Fat Tiger by Sahaj Chopra are her favourite picks.

The relationship between Delhiites and their love of momos is well-known. Momos are so prevalent in Delhi that no culinary guide would be complete without mentioning them. Every corner and cranny of the city has a momo stand, the comfort food of Delhi. Hence, you shouldn’t ever have to waste time driving around seeking one when a taste for momo develops. There are countless variations of fillings for momos, whether they are steamed, fried, kurkure, or tandoori.

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Parineeti Chopra is very vocal about her gastronomic adventures and is a true Punjabi girl at heart who loves having conversations about food.

Well, we can never get enough of Parineeti Chopra’s food indulgences.

Cover image credits: Instagram/Parineeti Chopra