Paris Plans To Maintain Its Anti-Pollution Measures & Keep Cars Out Post COVID-19 Lockdown

by Gizel Menezes
Paris Plans To Maintain Its Anti-Pollution Measures & Keep Cars Out Post COVID-19 Lockdown

As the coronavirus lockdown saw pollution levels plummet in many places around the world, many European cities are now rethinking their transportation policies as they step into a post-lockdown phase.

And the city of romance is not far too behind. As Paris plans to ease its lockdown restrictions on May 11, city authorities are paying special attention to the city’s future.

Image Courtesy: The Paris Photographer

Paris To Maintain Its Anti-Pollution Measures Post Lockdown Too

In  recent statement, Anne Hidalgo, the city’s Mayor, has announced plans to take its anti-pollution and anti-congestion measures introduced during the lockdown period in the post-pandemic world too. According to her, pollution is already a crisis in itself and the combination of pollution and coronavirus will turn into a ‘particularly dangerous cocktail’ and worsen the health crisis.

Disallowing the city to be invaded by cars and pollution, Paris will now see an anti-car programme that is going to be implemented in the coming days to make the city more pedestrian and biker friendly.

Reportedly, the Rue de Rivoli, an iconic 3 km long stretch starting from Louvre, will ban cars throughout the summer season, a move that could be made permanent later. The Mayor has also expressed her interest in developing a lane that will be dedicated exclusively to bikes, while another for buses, taxis, emergency and trade vehicles but none for cars.

Image Courtesy: Paris Select Book

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Many European Cities Are Planning To Become Pedestrian-Friendly Too

Seeing the positive effects of the coronavirus outbreak on their cities and the environment as a whole, many cities apart from the French capital are planning to go green and putting pedestrians and cyclists first. Berlin has widened its cycle lanes in an attempt to maintain physical distancing outdoors, while the city of Milan has announced plans to create ‘cyclist and pedestrian priority streets’.

Even the city of London is reportedly widening its street pavements and creating new walking and cycling routes to reduce crowding on public transport facilities.

We hope to see more such measures implemented across the world! Because measures like these are indeed paving the future for a post-corona world!

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