Passport Expired? Abu Dhabi & Dubai Airports Provide 24hr Renewal Assistance For Emiratis

by Deeplata Garde
Passport Expired? Abu Dhabi & Dubai Airports Provide 24hr Renewal Assistance For Emiratis

As our passport’s expiry date approaches, panic is induced in our brains. Finding nearby centres or filling up the form online are the foremost things that scroll through our minds. But if you didn’t find relief in any of the above-mentioned things then Emiratis we have another way to renew your passports. Ever imagined renewing your passport at the airport itself? Well, Abu Dhabi & Dubai airports provide 24hr passport renewal assistance for citizens.

Renew Your Passport At Abu Dhabi & Dubai Airports Round The Clock

Dubai Airport
Creds: Abu Dhabi Airport


Five channels designated by the Digital Government of the UAE are available to UAE citizens who wish to apply for, renew, or replace an Emirati passport that has been lost or damaged.

According to the Digital Government, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs at Abu Dhabi and Dubai airports offers a 24-hour visa renewal service there. This service is applied to citizens’ visas if it is no longer valid have been lost, or are otherwise destroyed while they are out of the country. In such situations, GDRFA advises contacting the UAE embassy or consulate to get a replacement.

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Just Need Your 10 Mins!

Dubai Airport
Pic Creds: Dubai Media Office

Stranded at the airport with an expired or damaged passport? The Abu Dhabi & Dubai airports will renew or assist you with a new one in mere 10 mins. Don’t fret as all your passport-related issues will be handled within minutes to ensure citizens’ safe travel.

Digital Government has established that passports carry a validity period of 5 years. So to apply for a new passport, an individual needs to submit the following documents at the airport.

1. Emirates ID (original or copy)
2. Recent Photocopy of the applicant
3. Family book or its copy

The centres at the airport greet hundreds of visitors and help them with the required services around the clock. With time they have also applied a count limit of the visitors. This decision was taken in order to provide less waiting time and quick service to travellers. So now if you are travelling back home to Dubai or Abu Dhabi airport you can easily renew your passport without any worries.

Cover Image Courtesy: Abu Dhabi Airport