Pawsome News! Indian Railways Now Allows You To Travel With Pets On Trains

by Sanjana Shenoy
Pawsome News! Indian Railways Now Allows You To Travel With Pets On Trains

Pet parents! We have pawsome news for you. Indian Railways now permits you to travel with your furry companions on trains. Why leave them behind at home, when they can enjoy a scenic train journey with you? Indian Railways has now made it hassle-free to travel with your pets. All you need to do is follow the guidelines set by the statutory body to travel with your pets.

Indian Railways Allows Passengers To Travel With Pets

Indian Railways acknowledges that your pets are part of your family. So, depending on the size of your pet, you can travel with them on the same coach. This rule applies to domestic cats and dogs. But other animals like elephants and birds, need to be transported on separate designated coaches. To travel with your pet, you need to make a booking at the counter, one hour before departure. Advance bookings are not allowed. So, owners must be present at the station on time.

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Guidelines To Travel With Pets

If pets don’t have prior bookings, then owners must cough up 6 times the luggage scale rate. This is a minimum of ₹50. Passengers must book the entire two or four berths- AC First Class and First Class compartments. Dog parents can ferry their pets in dog boxes. Trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi offer dog boxes. If a pet is carried in a dog box, the pet parent must pay ₹30 per kg. According to Indian Railways’ rules,  if pets travel in passenger coaches, then pet parents must shell out ₹60 per kg.

Things To Keep In Mind

Do keep in mind that the onus of feeding pets throughout the journey is solely on the pet owner. Indian Railways will not take any responsibility for the loss, damage or deterioration of the animals during transit. Moreover, pets will not be allowed in second class, sleeper class, AC chair car, AC three-tier and AC-tow tier compartments. So, make your bookings accordingly. Follow these rules by the Indian Railways. And, wish you and your pet, a Happy Journey!