Pay For Your Food By Trading In Plastic Bottles At This Hotel In Dubai

by Dhruv Maniar 835

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The Daily Restaurant in Rove Hotels is letting you pay your bill in return of plastic bottles every Sunday. 

What Is It?

In Dubai, we love paying for food or drinks either with fruits or veggies, But Rove Hotels have taken this to a completely new level with a key intention of recycling. The Daily Restaurant located in Rove Hotels is giving diners a chance to pay for their meals in return of plastic bottles every Sunday. That means you could pay for coffee, biryani or anything you like from the menu through plastic bottles. 

How Does This Work?

You can trade in any size of plastic bottles you have. Each plastic bottle will be calculated as AED 1. So if you have 10 bottles you can avail AED 10 off on your total bill. A coffee would cost AED 20 so if you have 20 bottles you don’t need to pay anything and just trade in the bottles. The bottles collected are then sent to licensed recycling specialists in the UAE, where the plastic is processed to make a variety of useful products such as buckets, tubs and mats.


Location: Rove Hotel
Day: Every Sunday