Peak Bengaluru Moment: Woman Shares Her Rapido Driver Is A Big Company’s Corporate Manager

A woman from Bengaluru was surprised to discover that her Rapido driver works as a corporate manager in one of the big companies.

by Shreya Ghosh
Peak Bengaluru Moment: Woman Shares Her Rapido Driver Is A Big Company’s Corporate Manager

Bengaluru is surely one of the Indian cities where residents come across peak fun moments and interactions a lot. Be it landlords asking for a major percentage in the results for renting their properties to them asking for LinkedIn profiles, residents of this city surely experience many hilarious moments. Taking to social media, they often talk about such unusual anecdotes and moments. This time, a young woman was surprised to know about her Rapido driver and you too might be surprised to hear it.

A Rapido Driver Works In One Of The Big Companies

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Shruti (@Shruwa12) shared an interesting incident of her taking a Rapido ride and interacting with the driver.

Bengaluru is famous among everyone for various reasons. No matter what the reasons are, the city is infamous for its terrible traffic jams and congestion. While travelling with booked cabs or services like Rapido on these jam-packed roads, commuters often interact with interesting people. Thanks to the traffic, many often meet with cab and bike drivers who are doing the job just for fun and not a necessity. Feels quite uncommon, right? Well, not in Bengaluru!

Shruti Baswa took to the X platform to share a fun interaction with her Rapido driver. While talking with the driver and getting to know him, she was surprised to know that the driver is a corporate manager. “He turned out to be a corporate manager in one of the big companies”, shared Shruti.

He does this extra job along with working in a reputed company as he “likes to help people reach their destination in reasonable amounts”.

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The Bike Ride Service Provider Feels Grateful

Rapido later responded to Shruti’s tweet.

The bike ride-hailing service is grateful to hear kind words about the driver, their captain. “After reading your post, we are pleased and hope your upcoming rides with us will be delightful. Keep riding with Rapido”.

This is just one of the many interesting incidents and unique interactions that many Bengalureans often come across. Social media users share such fun experiences time and again and some incidents are often hilarious as well.

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Have you ever experienced something like this in Bengaluru or any other city in India?

Cover Image Courtesy: Website/ Rapido, X (formerly Twitter)/ Shruti (@Shruwa12)

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