People Of Determination Can Avail Free Parking In Sharjah; Here’s How The Process Works

by Anupriya Mishra
People Of Determination Can Avail Free Parking In Sharjah; Here’s How The Process Works

Paying for parking can sometimes be an expensive affair, especially for a few sections of society. However, what if we told you that there are few residents in the emirate of Sharjah, who will soon be eligible for a free parking service? Yes, this is absolutely true as in a recent announcement by the Sharjah Municipality, it was revealed that they’re extending this service to the people of determination.

Sharjah Municipality To Offer Free Parking For A Few Residents

In a new initiative announced by the Sharjah Municipality on August, 3, Thursday, it was revealed that there will be a simplification of the process of parking for the people of determination. Yes, to promote more inclusivity and an accessible environment for them in public spaces, they will now be eligible for free parking subscriptions. According to a report by Khaleej Times, it was revealed that this service allows those who are holding a subscription card to enjoy free public parking.

As these cards are issued by the official authorities, they’re also linked to the parking system virtually! With the implementation of the virtual linking process, the individuals who are eligible for the service will be able to easily access the parking benefits without the hassle of physically placing the cards on the windshield or the vehicle.

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How Can You Apply For This Service?

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If you are also wondering how can one apply for this subscription card, it’s quite a simple system. The process is customer-friendly, as the eligible individuals can go through the entire process, online. To apply, they will have to follow these steps –

  • An individual will first have to visit the website of Sharjah Municipality.
  • After this, they will have to enter smart and electronics services.
  • Thereafter, they will have to select the option of public parking services.
  • Finally, they must apply for a disabled parking permit and submit the required documents.

The required documents for obtaining this fucking subscription include a valid Emirates ID, vehicle ownership card, and disability card.

So, if you know someone who can make use of this service, don’t forget to share this news with them!

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