People Who Wake Up Early Tend To Be More Productive And Make More Money

by Gizel Menezes
People Who Wake Up Early Tend To Be More Productive And Make More Money

There are two types of people in the world. Those who are early risers and wake up at the sound of the alarm in one go, and second, who keep snoozing the alarm for an indefinite time. For the first category of people, the early birds, here is some good news for you! A recent study conducted by Amerisleep found that early risers (people who wake up at 4 am to 7 am) are the most productive, make more money and enjoy a happy life. Intrigued? Read on.

Image Courtesy: The Independent

What’s In It?

The survey polled 510 early risers ( 4 am to 7 am) and 506 late risers (8 am to 12 pm) and divided them into 3 demographic groups – Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millenials.

Now let’s talk of productivity. People who managed to get out of bed at 4 am were the most productive at 71%. People who woke up at 7 am were 62% productive. The absolutely least productive people were those who started their day at 11 am, with only 36 % of productivity levels.

When it came to money matters, it appeared that the amount of money you make is directly impacted by your wakeup time. The survey showed that early risers earned an average of $14,917 more every year than those who slept in. On average, 4 am risers earned $48,582 per year, while 12 pm risers earned the lowest incomes at $22,689 annually

The study also rated the quality of health, sleep, and social life of the respondents. And as expected, those who woke up early felt better about all the three aspects than those who decided to sleep in.

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What’s More?

It is obvious that with increased morning hours, one tends to be more productive, and can thereby increase earnings. A recent study also concluded that getting more daylight positively benefits one’s mental health. What is also important, is how the morning hours are utilized. Morning habits like meditation, preparing tasks for the day, etc. can affect your day affirmatively and can help you cultivate more productivity.

And while this whole article ended up boosting the ego of all you early risers, late risers do not despair. There are ways you too can become an early riser too. Also, if you believe you are being the most productive while adhering to your own timetable, stick to that. Because, you do you. Always!

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