Pictures & Videos: Dubai Experiences Unusually Heavy Rains

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 13 views

This weekend, Dubai witnessed a heavy downpour. Reports suggested that the rains were unusually heavy, reaching up to 15mm/hour for two and a half hours. The heavy downpour resulted in water logging in several parts of the city, as well as led to traffic congestion. The Dubai airport also came to a standstill due to the unusually heavy downpour.

However, the Dubai Transport Authority (RTA) & Dubai Municipality worked to clear up clogged roads and ease life for residents. But, amidst all the chaos, residents enjoyed clicking pictures and sharing it on social media. Here are some of the pictures and videos of this year’s #Dubairains.

1. The Epic Lightning

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#Lightning hotspot

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2. Dubai Hidden Under A Dark Blanket

3. More Lightning & Rain

4. The Flooding On Dubai Roads

5. After The Heavy Downpour In Sharjah

6. Jumeirah Park Turns Into A Lake

7. After The Torrential Rains