Pitai Paratha: Kolkata Street Food Vendor Becomes Violent While Making This Paratha. Watch!

by Shreya Rathod
Pitai Paratha: Kolkata Street Food Vendor Becomes Violent While Making This Paratha. Watch!

Starting your morning with a ghee-laden paratha touches the soul. Packed with carbs, fat and love, this is the all-time favourite dish of most Indians. Moreover, it is a versatile food made with an array of spices. You can add everything from potatoes to paneer, and it will taste just perfect. Enjoy it with chole, dal makhani, or any other sabzi. Though our mothers make this dish with ease, a Kolkata street food vendor has a violent approach to making parathas. Watch this viral video of ‘Pitai Paratha’ that will shock you.

Pitai Paratha in Making


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Recently, a video posted by @foodfatafat on Instagram is going viral. It shows a street vendor making paratha or rather beating and thrashing it to get a fluffed-up and laccha-style paratha. In the video, he is seen repetitively beating it. That is the reason for calling it a Pitai Paratha ( beaten paratha). This is a strange way of making this delicacy is loved by all.

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People React To This Weird Recipe

Like all fingers are different, people have their own opinions and views. This was shocking and funny for most people, but some thought it was disrespectful towards food. One of them was astounded and commented, ‘what did this paratha do to him?’. Another described the feeling of the paratha and wrote, ‘paratha be like what was my fault?’.
But, one of the users wrote: ‘no one realises this is the correct way of making a paratha’. But many were upset with the way this vendor was treating food.

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Do you also find this process funny? Or is it a disrespectful way to treat food? Also, comment below if you have ever visited this spot for one of his Pitai Parathas and how it tastes. If you love experimenting, try making paratha like this vendor and tell us if you get a fluffed-up version.

Cover Image Credits: foodfatafat/ Instagram