Piyush Goyal Inaugurates Mango Festival In Belgium To Spread Aroma Of Indian Mangoes

by Sanmita A
Piyush Goyal Inaugurates Mango Festival In Belgium To Spread Aroma Of Indian Mangoes

India’s summers and mangoes go hand in hand. Our country is full of mango hotspots and these regions supply the best Indian mangoes in variety. After conquering the Middle East market, India is now ready to set foot in Europe’s Capital, Belgium. In a bid to promote Indian mangoes in Europe, Union Minister Piyush Goyal inaugurated ‘Mango Mania’, a mango festival to showcase Indian mangoes in the European market.

‘Mango Festival’ In Belgium To Create Awareness

This mango festival will be a platform where India showcases the wide variety of mangoes it produces in India. The mango festival had other European organisations participating as well. This mango festival will enable India’s entry into Belgium’s fruit market. The Indian Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU, Santosh Jha said that Indian mangoes have great potential in the international market here.

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Mango Mania To Give A Taste Of Indian Mangoes To Europeans

Adviser, Agriculture and Marine Products at Indian Embassy, Dr Smita Sirohi, spoke at the event about the significance of the mango festival. And, it is the Belgium consumers that India can export the large variety of mangoes produced in the country. All varieties of Indian mangoes from different states were showcased during the event.

Sirohi also said that organisations and people dealing in fresh fruits and vegetables were invited to the mango festival.

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What Awaits The Belgium Fruit Market?

India produced up to 24 varieties of mangoes from around the country. A few of the prominent mangoes and their states include –

  • Totapuri Mangoes – Bangalore in Karnataka
  • Neelam Mangoes – Andhra Pradesh
  • Langra Mangoes – Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh
  • Alphonso Mangoes – Ratnagiri in Maharashtra
  • Kesar Mangoes – Junagadh in Gujarat
  • Dasheri Mangoes – Lucknow and Malihabad in Uttar Pradesh and many more.

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