Pizza Day: Say Cheese With Pizza Cones & Pizza Fries; Relish 7 Innovative Pizza Dishes

The only circle of life we know is pizza! Never mind, that was too cheesy.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Pizza Day: Say Cheese With Pizza Cones & Pizza Fries; Relish 7 Innovative Pizza Dishes

Is there a little voice in your head that goes “Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!” every once in a while? Do you also love pizza as much as Joey Tribbiani from Friends does? Well, you are in for a treat because February 9th is Pizza Day! A perfect day to have your favourite pizza with the Joey Tribbiani of your life. Scream out the famous dialogue by Joey, “Pizza! We want pizza,” while ordering pizza. This year we urge you to try some of these innovative pizza dishes that retain the essence of pizza but with a twist. Are you ready?

This Pizza Day, Go And Stuff Yourself With These 7 Innovative Pizza Dishes

1. Pizza Cone

Pizza but in a cone? Hell yes! It is simple and effective as the pizza base is shaped like a cone. It is baked separately and then the pizza toppings are added along with the base sauce and baked again. A sizzling and cheesy pizza cone is ready to be devoured. This is a simple yet innovative pizza dish.

2. Pizza Fries

Foodies who love pizza and the ones who love fries to death, unite at the table for pizza fries. It is a very delish pizza dish because you get the best of both. A huge batch of crispy and crunchy fries topped off with loads of pizza toppings and cheese make it a perfect dish. The cheese pull remains amazing with pizza fries!

3. Sweet Potato Pizza Bites

Time to make pizza a healthy snack that is also gluten-free? Why not, more reasons to gorge on yummy and innovative pizza dishes. Instead of the flour pizza base, sweet potato is used. It is sliced ½ inch in rounds and marinated with basic spices. These are baked, and then sauce, cheese, veggies, or tiny meat pieces are added with basil. Baked again and voila, a gluten-free pizza is ready.

4. Shakshuka Pizza

Have you heard of this one yet? This is another innovative take on pizza dishes and we think, shakshuka fans will rejoice. The runny egg yolks, juicy marinara sauce, pizza base, cheese, and veggies together make a wholesome meal. This cross between Israeli, Italian and Georgian food is simply amazing.

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5. Stuffed Pizza Braid

You will truly love to devour this dish in a single sitting, we are warning you. It is everything you have ever wanted in a classic pizza but in the form of a bread loaf. Stuffing can vary from meat options to veggies to seafood (if you like). It is best if the quantity of amount of toppings is equal to cheese. Don’t pull it apart, rather cut it in slices like you would slice up a bread loaf.

6. Pizza Nachos

Nachos are a go-to snack; it is good and easy to fill up on and have lots of flavours to enjoy. The twist comes when it is turned into a pizza with its basic ingredients. We are sure you have heard about avocado in pizza, this pizza dish is going to be along the same lines. Pizza nachos have guacamole as a base sauce with loads of tortilla chips. The salsa goes as toppings along with other sauteed veggies which are topped with cheese and pepperoni. 

7. Fruit Pizza

Ending the list with the sweet version of pizza is the only correct manner. It is not at all your average pizza, it is a dessert pizza. The pizza base becomes a large cookie with a thick layer of marshmallow and cream cheese frosting as sauce which is topped off with various fruits like kiwi, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, and more. It looks like the pineapple-on-pizza lovers experimented with another innovative pizza dish.

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Pizza nights on Pizza Day hit differently because it’s gooey and cheesy. Hearts and stomachs are content with this special celebration.

Cover Image Credits: Canva

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