Pizza Parantha In Noida

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Pizza Parantha In Noida

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Indulge in desi style pizza parantha at Hurry’s Paratha food joint in Noida.

What Is It?

Hurry’s Paratha in Noida is dishing out innovative and delicious paranthas that come smeared in lots of butter for a sinful indulgence.

What’s In It?

Parantha lover? Head to Hurry’s Parantha in Noida and devour in unique varieties of paranthas like this one – Desi style pizza parantha. The pizza parantha comes with a stuffing of veggies and sauce, smeared with butter on top. Now this is what a proper meal looks like. The paranthas come in lots of varieties like Farm fresh, exotic Meza, and even cheese burst delight. 

Other varieties of paranthas include chicken keema, Delhi-6, mutton jigra parantha and more. The pizza parantha will cost you between ₹110 to ₹180 and is sufficient enough for two people.


Address: Hurry’s Parantha, J-44, Sector 18, Noida
Phone+91 9749494933, +91 9749494934
Cost for two: ₹300