Plan Your Vacation At This Hotel Made Out Of Hundreds Of Caves In Turkey

by Olivia D'Silva
Plan Your Vacation At This Hotel Made Out Of Hundreds Of Caves In Turkey

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Have you ever dreamt of living in caves suites with a lavish pool just across your bed? Stay at the Keyakapi Premium Caves hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey which has transformed ancient caves into lavish hotels. 

What Is It?

Our hearts and minds are set on Cappadocia for our next vacation stop and for good reasons! Well, we all know Cappadocia, Turkey is known for its breathtaking landscapes, hot air balloon rides and arid climate. But did you know there are cave hotels that are transformed into luxurious vacation stays?

What’s In It?

The Keyakapi Premium Caves hotel is made up of hundreds of centuries-old cave homes. These ancient dwellings are converted into plush rooms where you can choose from cave rooms, suites, and mansions and the hotel’s most extravagant room – The Grandoise Cappadocian Pool Mansion to stay at.

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What Else? 

You can laze by your own private indoor pool inside the cave or you can spend the quiet evening on the roof taking in the spectacular views of the city. You can also choose to take a dip in the outdoor pool with a view while you watch the hot air balloon that fly up across the city.

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