Plant-Based Meats To Take Over Fast food Chains, Restaurants & Grocery Stores

by Sushmita Mahanta
Plant-Based Meats To Take Over Fast food Chains, Restaurants & Grocery Stores

Of late the world is witnessing a meatless meat era, mostly in fast food chains, restaurants, and grocery stores! Fast food companies have started making their menu more extensive by including meatless options with plant-based meat. A large section of people is looking for an animal-protein replacement and keeping that in mind, big FMCG companies are entering the plant-based meat segment. Products in the said segment are readily available at large retail chains in major metros and on various other e-commerce platforms. Looks like the two-year-old segment has completely taken over the fast food market, given that it is estimated to touch around $1 billion by 2030! Read on to know more about the meatless meat revolution going on in fast food chains, restaurants, and grocery stores!

Big FMCG Companies Are Entering The Plant-Based Meat Segment

It is not a secret anymore that several quick service Restaurant (QSR) chains in India such as Dominos and Starbucks already have introduced menus with plant-based protein segments. And it was just last week that Tata Consumer Product Ltd (TCPL) announced its entry into the plant-based meat market. Their new “Tata Simply Better” launched with four variants – Nuggets, Burger Patty, Awadhi Seekh Kebab, and Spicy Finger. Before TCPL it was ITC that entered the market this year. The ITC Master Chef IncrEdible brand has introduced sustainable plant-based proteins in two varieties- the Incredible’ Burger Patties and Incredible Nuggets. Apart from this, several other firms, including the Anushka Virat-funded Blue Tribe; and Shaka Harry, have entered the meatless meat market.

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Why The Shift?

Plant-Based meat is taking over the current food scene as many people support a vegetarian diet. Plant-sourced meats are better for health, animal welfare, and the environment. The Tata group’s FMCG arm believes that plant-based meats are at the forefront of the larger plant protein landscape and are intended to mimic the sensory and cultural resonance of meat obtained from animals without the negative environmental and health effects. According to Abneesh Roy, Executive Director of Edelweiss Financial Services, in the long run, more FMCG businesses will enter the market. Celebrity lifestyle too has an impact on plant-based meat getting more importance. From Virat Anushka to Genelia Ritesh, celebs have been always vocal about their plant-forward lifestyles. Well, a plant-based protein shift in the fast food market was the need of the hour and it turning into reality is totally a blessing!

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