PM Modi Says Kashmir’s Development Will Make People Forget Switzerland; Inaugurates Projects Worth ₹32,000 Crore

During his recent visit to Jammu & Kashmir, PM Narendra Modi launched several development projects and talked about the growing tourism in the area.

by Tashika Tyagi
PM Modi Says Kashmir’s Development Will Make People Forget Switzerland; Inaugurates Projects Worth ₹32,000 Crore

People who have visited Kashmir and Switzerland often compare the snow-capped beauty of the Alps with the Himalayas. However, PM Narendra Modi believes that with the growing infrastructure in Jammu & Kashmir, the union territory will soon be a more favoured vacation spot for people. During his recent visit to Jammu & Kashmir, PM Modi talked about the growing tourism and infrastructural development there. He said the place will be “developed in a way that people will forget visiting Switzerland.” Here’s more from the PM’s recent visit to Kashmir.

Kashmir Growing Tourism Will Take Over Switzerland, Believes PM Modi

Kashmir Modi
Image Courtesy: Canva

PM Modi was in Jammu & Kashmir on February 20. During the visit, he interacted with people and talked about the recent developments in the area. He mentioned that a record two crore people visited Kashmir last year – a massive increase from the past few years. This has led to an increase in tourism-related jobs and businesses in the area, which in turn has led to development in the Valley.

PM Modi further mentioned the government’s commitment to transform the Valley into a tourist destination that could give Switzerland tough competition. He said that despite the Valley’s tumultuous past, a “balanced and holistic development” awaits in the future.

He was quoted during his address, “We have pledged a developed J&K and I have full faith that we will make Jammu and Kashmir more developed and fulfil all your dreams within the next few years. We will create such infrastructure in Kashmir that people will forget going to Switzerland.”

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PM Inaugurates Several Development Projects In The Valley

PM Narendra Modi
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

PM Narendra Modi also launched projects worth over ₹32,000 crore for Jammu and Kashmir during this visit. He even expressed his happiness about the surge in investments in Jammu & Kashmir from Gulf countries. He said following the success of the G20 event in 2023, Kashmir got global attention for its beauty and many nations are interested in investing towards its development and tourism.

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