PM Modi Shares Future Revamped Looks Of Mumbai’s CSMT, Delhi & Ahmedabad Railway Stations

by Sanmita A
PM Modi Shares Future Revamped Looks Of Mumbai’s CSMT, Delhi & Ahmedabad Railway Stations

Railway stations of metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad will soon be redeveloped into stunning destinations. PM Narendra Modi took to social media to share revamped pictures of the soon-to-developed railway stations in India. As per multiple media reports, the amount of ₹10,000 crores will be invested to give these railway stations a polished and refined look. Here’s what PM Modi has shared & we are super excited about the upcoming renovation.

New Touches To Railway Stations In Delhi, Mumbai & Ahmedabad

As per the Centre’s decision, these metro railway stations will have different upgrading levels. For instance, Modera’s Sun temple inspired Ahmedabad’s renovation and design. Mumbai’s heritage building will not be retouched, but the remaining structure will be renovated to give a refined look. Buses, autos and metro rail will also be integrated into the New Delhi railway station.

Reports suggest that the renovation time for New Delhi will take 2 to 2.5 years, whereas, for the other two cities, it will take 2 to 3.5 years.

Meanwhile, look at the massive and spacious designs PM Modi shared on his social media of the new project.

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PM Modi Aims For Airport Like Facilities For Railway Stations In Indian Cities

PM Modi has taken revamping railway stations and travel destinations to newer heights. With the revamping, there are going to be immense changes that are going to take place. For instance, introducing a roof plaza for passengers to use. Lounges, cafeterias and retail stores will also be introduced in these mega railway stations. Under PM Modi’s governance, railway stations will also have amenities like a play area for children, stores selling local products, and a food court.

All and all, we can say that the passengers from these major cities will witness a massive upgrade. And honestly, we can’t wait for all of it to happen soon. Netizens too expressed their excitement regarding the new upgrades after PM Modi shared the new snippets.

Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook/Narendra Modi