Pongal 2023: 5 Lip-Smacking Sweet Dishes To Relish This Pongal

Pongal sweet dishes
by Vaishalee Kalvankar

India is known as the “land of festivals.” Every festival, from Makar Sankranti to Christmas, is celebrated with the same zeal each year. This reminds me of Pongal being just a few days away. For all those people who don’t know, Pongal is a multi-day harvest festival celebrated by Tamilians. It is celebrated as a show of gratitude towards the sun, mother nature, and animals that help in the farming process. Many lip-smacking sweet dishes are made during this festival; here are some you must relish.

Sweet Dishes To Relish In Pongal

1. Kobbari Pala Payasam 


Pic credits: Wikimedia commons

All of you must know India’s favourite dessert, Kheer. Well, Kobbari Pala Payasam is its south Indian version. The kheer is rich in texture, with ingredients like basmati rice, ghee, milk, sugar, dry fruits, and coconut in it. The word Kobbari means coconut and is named after it as grated coconut is the main ingredient in this kheer. 

2. Paramannam


Pic credits: Wikimedia commons

Paramannam is a rice payasam or rice pudding prepared during Pongal to offer as Naivedhya to god. This really simple sweet dish is made using rice, milk, dry fruits, ghee, and jaggery. The recipe is super healthy as it uses jaggery instead of sugar and has a very earthy taste to it. The dish takes 30 minutes to boil to perfection and has the most heavenly taste. 

3. Sakkarai Pongal


Pic credits: Wikimedia commons

Sakkarai Pongal is one of the main dishes that is prepared during Pongal in every Tamilian household. The word Sakkarai means “sweet” in Tamil, and hence the dish is also known as “sweet pongal.” This sweet dish is made using rice, yellow moong lentils, and jaggery as the main ingredients. The ingredient that adds to the flavour of his dish is green cardamom powder, or elaichi.

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4. Pala Burelu

Pongal sweet dishes

Pic credits: Times Food

Pala Burelu is a lip-smacking sweet snack prepared using rice flour and jaggery. The other ingredients used to make this dish are green cardamom, all-purpose flour, and milk. All you have to do is prepare balls of this batter and deep-fry them in oil. This dish is the perfect snack during festivities and takes only 20 minutes of your time.

5. Pala Munjalu


Pic credits: Times food

Pala Munjalu is a classic sweet dish loved by every Tamilian. In simple words, it’s a semolina dumpling stuffed with sweet lentil filling. The dish has two variants, as the cover can be made using either semolina or rice flour as well. Pala means milk in Tamil and is a major ingredient in this festively special sweet dish. It is made during Pongal, Ugadi, and Dasara.

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Which is your favourite one?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia commons