Portugal Is The Best Destination For Digital Nomads, And Here Are 9 More

by Shreya Rathod
Portugal Is The Best Destination For Digital Nomads, And Here Are 9 More

In recent years, workplace scenarios have changed a lot. And after the pandemic, most of us have opted to work from home rather than office. This has given rise to a hybrid working model which involves a specific amount of days in the office and other days at home. In fact, people have also chosen to become digital nomads! Here are destinations around the world that are perfect for these digital nomads according to a survey conducted by Flatio. 

Best Destinations For Digital Nomads: Portugal Tops The List!

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The ‘work from home’ culture has started a new generation of digital nomads. Now who are these digital nomads? They live a nomad life and travel freely to any place they love while working remotely. In fact, there are an estimated 35 million digital nomads worldwide! 

We think that a stable internet connection is more than enough for them. But there’s more to it. And countries have started launching visas for these nomads. A survey by Flatio marketplace has revealed ten places that are perfect for these digital nomads. The survey included 1,200 people and they were asked questions about their frustration, favourite destinations, taxes and so on. 

The European country, Portugal, has topped the list! It is not only the favourite holiday spot but also the preferred destination for remote workers, thanks to their digital nomad visa. In fact, it has allowed people from outside the EU to live and work in the country for up to 12 months! 

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Portugal has so many wonderful places to work remotely, from the surfing hub of Ericeira to vibrant towns like Lisbon and Porto. Additionally, Madeira, a Portuguese island, was listed in seventh place.

Other Places In The List

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Thailand was named the most popular travel destination in Southeast Asia, with Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and the nation’s numerous picturesque islands providing digital nomads with year-round access to great weather, delectable cuisine, and reasonably priced lodging. While Mexico and Argentina topped the list for South and Central America, Indonesia and Malaysia also made the cut.

Take a look at the list:

1. Portugal

2. Thailand

3. Spain

4. Argentina

5. Mexico

6. Indonesia

7. Madeira

8. Germany

9. Romania

10. Malaysia

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So, where do you prefer to live as a digital nomad? 

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