Prison Island Is A New Adventure Attraction In Abu Dhabi With Jailed-Themed Challenges

by Deeplata Garde
Prison Island Is A New Adventure Attraction In Abu Dhabi With Jailed-Themed Challenges

The Abu Dhabi Mall is getting a new adrenaline-pumping adventure experience. Have you ever fantasised of yelling unwanted advice at the cast of Fox’s Prison Break? Here’s a brand-new Abu Dhabi attraction that’ll blow your mind. Play a jail adventure where you must solve puzzles and earn team points. Prison Island provides a 26-challenge indoor adventure to the capital. For everyone aged 8 to 80, there’s a new type of pleasure!

A Series Of Challenges Requiring Rapid Thinking, Sharp Logic, And Collaboration

A one-hour session costs Dhs125 for adults and Dhs105 for children. And the entire experience will likely finish between one and three hours. You don’t have to complete all of the tasks if you don’t want to.

This isn’t an escape room. It’s a network of 26 distinct ‘cells,’ each furnished with a warden’s eye level of detail. The activities are each more fiendishly difficult than the last. You’ll have to defeat them all if you want to leave the island with bragging rights.

How To Play In Prison Island?

Team up with up to six players. You will then face cells like Cliffhanger. Participants must scurry through a succession of obstacles without hitting the floor, similar to the movie. What about Devil’s Island, with its terrible title? To get through the lighted latticework of a tightly-lit laser grid, you’ll have to channel your inner Mission Impossible.

Inmates in the Flash Dance cell must leap between particular squares. Or else you suffer the wrath of teammates. Gates, on the other hand, demands a high degree of expertise, patience, and a steady hand.

Do you believe you have what it takes to beat the bars? Does all of this appear to be straightforward? We’d like to remind you that before we saw it in Squid Game,‘ red light green light’ appeared like a piece of cake. There’s just one way to find out for yourself, and don’t forget to look at the leaderboard.