Pune Science On Tap Is On A Mission To Make Science Interesting But Over A Pint Of Beer!

by Tejashee Kashyap
Pune Science On Tap Is On A Mission To Make Science Interesting But Over A Pint Of Beer!

There’s a common misconception involving the idea of how the topics of science and scientists are deemed boring. But is it so? We don’t think so! Well, with an idea to bring together scientists and the public in a casual environment, Pune Science On Tap is a unique initiative making all the difference.

What Is It?

The brainchild of Anoop Mahajan, a scientist from the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) and his friend Nakul Bhonsale of ‘Great State Aleworks’, an Indian craft brewery, ‘Science on Tap’ has roped in experts from different fields to unlock the mysteries around complex subjects during each interactive session.

The first session was organised at the residence of Mahajan’s friend in Kothrud which got popular through word-of-mouth. Sessions are held once every month mainly over weekends and the topics range from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anthropology, Climate change, the Universe and machines.

One of the unique aspects of Pune Science On Tap is the format of the talks. The talks are usually brief, lasting no longer than 20-30 minutes, and they are followed by a Q&A session, where the audience can ask the speaker questions and engage in discussion. This format allows for a lively and interactive exchange of ideas, and it encourages people to think critically and creatively about scientific concepts.

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Candid Conversations

There are science-led discussions on medicine, genetics and food. The idea is to simplify science and demystify tough theories in a casual set-up rather than in a classroom or formal seminar. With quirky workshop names like ‘Fantastic Yeast and Where to Find Them’ one could say the approach is more fun than classroom sessions are deemed to be.

The events of Science On Tap are typically held in local pubs, bars, or cafes, and they feature talks by scientists and researchers on a wide range of topics. The talks are usually aimed at a general audience, and they are designed to be accessible to people with little or no scientific background. The speakers are experts in their respective fields, and they cover a wide range of topics, from astronomy and astrophysics to biology and ecology.

The events attract a diverse crowd of people from different backgrounds and age groups. These activities are designed to be fun and engaging, and they are suitable for people of all ages. Through its innovative approach to science communication, Pune Science On Tap has helped to make science more accessible and engaging for people to pursue a deeper interest in science and technology.

Cost: Sessions start at ₹150 per person
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Cover image credits: Instagram/Pune Science On Tap