Punjab Gurudwara Provides Meals To Madrasa Students Stuck In COVID-19 Lockdown

by Sanjana Shenoy
Punjab Gurudwara Provides Meals To Madrasa Students Stuck In COVID-19 Lockdown

Coronavirus has blurred the lines of division. From Jaipur Municipality Corporation feeding 15,000 chappatis to stray animals, a Uttarakhand man using his car as an ambulance to transport patients to people helping out the elderly in their neighbourhoods, humanity has prevailed. The sudden nationwide lockdown without any prior notice has put many people in a spot, leaving them stuck with no means to go back to their homes. This is the case with many students who are stuck in a Madrasa in Punjab. A gurdwara, Haa Da Naara Sahib in the Malerkotla region of the state played good samaritan and now provides food to the hungry Madrasa students.

Picture Credits: The Quint

What’s In It?

Reportedly the nationwide lockdown was imposed after the Madrasa arranged for the students to be sent back to their homes. But 40 of the students hailing from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were left behind. The Head Granthi of the Haa Da Naara Sahib gurdwara, Bhai Narinder Pal Singh stated to The Quint, that he couldn’t see the plight of the hungry kids due to this crisis. And when the Gurudwara committee came to know of these issues, they immediately decided to take this responsibility to feed them.

The Maulvi in charge of the Madrasa expressed heartfelt gratitude to the gurudwara for their timely help. He stated that after the imposition of the curfew, the trains were cancelled. The Maulvi and students didn’t expect the sudden curfew and they couldn’t make the required arrangements. But now they are thankful to the gurudwara committee for taking care of the meals of these students. they stated that the gurudwara committee always helps anyone who is in trouble.

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What’s More?

The gurudwara committee faced its fair share of challenges as the Madrasa students didn’t have the required utensils to eat on the first day. So the committee told the Tribune that the next day, they all took utensils from the gurudwara. They requested social workers, NGOs and area residents to unite and help the underprivileged in the country. Kuldeep Singh, who is in charge of the gurudwara stated that the gurudwara feeds 800 people in the morning and 700 people in the evening. Did you know Jaipur Municipal Corporation Arranges 15,000 Chapatis A Day For Hungry Strays Amid Lockdown?

punjab gurudwara feeds madrasa students
Picture Credits: Facebook/ Guru Haa Da Naara Sahib

Apart from this, the gurudwara in Malerkotla in Punjab serves langar to around 1000 needy and pool people every day. They have been taking the help of local women or sewadars to prepare langar for the residents here on a daily basis. Another gurudwara in the same region has taken the responsibility of providing meals to migrant labourers who are stuck in the nearby areas due to the COVID-19 lockdown. We salute these heroes who might not wear capes, but they are no doubt the pride of our country.