Jaipur Municipal Corporation Arranges 15,000 Chapatis A Day For Hungry Strays Amid Lockdown

by Sanjana Shenoy

As soon as Prime Minister Modi issued a countrywide lockdown, everyone hurried to stock their homes with food. In this rush, we did not realize that most of the stray animals that otherwise relied upon the kindness of strangers are stranded and hungry. All across the world, many images surfaced of animals walking on the streets frantically searching for a semblance of normal life and of course food. Many people have in their own ways reaching out to feed the stray animals. What seems beautiful is that even though the horrors of coronavirus plagues every human soul on the planet, yet humanity still cuts away these weeds to find such beautiful moments. Closer back home, government officials are also showcasing their love for these furry friends.

Jaipur 15000 chapatis strays

Picture Credits: Twitter

What’s In It?

The Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) has started an initiative by pitching with NGOs to satisfy the hunger of many stray animals during this lockdown period by supplying and feeding various food items daily to birds and animals around the city.

Jaipur 15000 chapatis strays

Picture Credits: Twitter

Speaking to media, the JMC Commissioner Vijal Pal Singh stressed how difficult it is to actually manage food for the human population, let alone the stray animals. The JMC Commissioner also added that, “…The Jaipur Municipal Corporation has pitched in to take care of these animals so that they don’t starve to death.”

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What’s More?

From Monday onwards, the corporation placed 8,500 chapatis around various localities in the city to feed stray dogs, cows, and monkeys. Then from Tuesday, with collaboration with Akshaya Patra, 10,000-15,000 chapatis will be distributed. Similarly, around 10 quintals of bird seeds have been bought in. The corporation has requested people to keep the bird feeds on their roofs. The corporation had also been distributing leftover fruits and vegetables among the stray animals. The JMC Commissioner has also mentioned that fooder for cows with the help of Shri Krishna Balram Seva trust has been arranged and provision for water. This is a wonderful initiative as stray animals are also being adversely affected by this lockdown and their interests need to be taken care of too. We hope many other cities in the country come up with such noble measures. Did you know Soon, Sniffer Dogs Could Be Trained To Detect Coronavirus?

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