7 Labourers Quarantined On A Mango Tree In West Bengal Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

quarantined on mango tree
by Sanjana Shenoy

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Coronavirus’ main ally is our ignorance. While the world is racing against the war with COVID-19, many people around the world and especially in our country seem to disregard the safety measures mentioned by WHO and the government. But a ray of hope shines for everyone to follow from a quaint village in West Bengal. Seven youths in a village are going heights, literally, to protect their families and their village from the effect of coronavirus.

youths quarantined on mango tree

Picture Credits: m.dailyhunt.in

What’s In It?

Seven youths of the Bhangdi village in West Bengal’s Purulia district have been staying on a tree to self-quarantine themselves against the coronavirus. These youth have been working as migrant workers in an auto parts shop in Chennai and upon hearing the severity of the disease, rushed back home. However, as a mark of humanity, they first visited the Balarampur police station where the informed the police authorities about their recent travel. The police officers sent them to the doctors who suggested that they remain in isolation for 14 days.

youths quarantined on mango tree

Picture Credits: newindianexpress.com

Along with the villagers, they made arrangements on a mango tree outside the village. They used bamboo sticks to tie the wooden cots to the branches, about 8 to 10 feet from the ground and each cot have been covered with a plastic sheet and a mosquito net. The village has also fitted lights and plug points so that these youths can charge their phones. These youths, all aged between 22 to 24, have been wearing protective masks and only climb down either to relieve themselves or to eat their meals.

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What’s More?

These youths have been provided plastic sheets to offer them protection against the rains. The villagers have said that since their rooms inside the village are small, they were uncertain as to how can the self-quarantine of these youths be successful. That is why they have been made arrangements on a tree. Speaking on the phone with an interviewer, one youth Dinobandhu Singh Sardar said, “Our clothes were not allowed inside, nor were other clothes given. We wash our clothes daily. Washing powder has been provided from the village. Care is taken that no one touches us. A safe distance is maintained even when food is served in the utensils”. Did you know Bangalore To Have 31 Fever Clinics To Conduct Coronavirus Tests?

youths quarantined on mango tree

Picture Credits: newindianexpress.com

The panchayat and local administration are trying to find a secure place for these youths so that they can spend their remaining days of isolation in comfort. The MLA from Trinamool Congress Shantiram Mahato and state minister for Western Region Development Minister, said, “We are saying that all who come from outside the state, including migrant workers, should practice self-isolation. All those who show symptoms are admitted to hospitals. This area is near Ayodhya Pahar and such machans are not uncommon. People build them to look out for elephants. I have heard the news. Let us see what can be done.” Well, people from all walks of life are maintaining social distancing, after all its the need of the hour.