Pushkar Camel Festival 2019 Is Here And This Is What You Can Expect

by Pratiksha
Pushkar Camel Festival 2019 Is Here And This Is What You Can Expect

Every year in the month of November, the small town of Pushkar sees a footfall of over 400,000 people. Located in Rajasthan, Pushkar plays host to the Pushkar Camel Fair which is one of the biggest events that Rajasthan witnesses. Starting from the 30th of October, the festival will run till the 12th of November. However, the main events will only begin on the 5th of November. The festival is one of the most colourful and joyous festivals that you will get to see in India is a once in a lifetime experience. So, it is no wonder that many foreigners fly down to the country to just be a part of it. Originally, the fair was held to herald the occasion of Kartik Purnima but ever since a surge in its popularity, it has become much more than that. Without further ado, let’s get into what you can expect from the festival.

Pushkar Camel Festival
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What To Expect From The Pushkar Camel Festival 2019?

The very first thing you will witness here are the hordes of camels because the festival is essentially a cattle fair. Herded in huge numbers, the Pushkar Camel Festival is one of the biggest cattle trading festivals in India. But there’s more to it than just the camels. People flock here from all over the country and the globe to indulge and experience cultural activities. The fourteen-day festival passes by in the blink of the eye because of the festivities. So, here’s a list of all the things you can partake in:

1. Enthralling Performances

Each evening, there’s a campfire in the middle of the campsite and you can enjoy the traditional music and dance by local artists. And it’s not just music and dance. Rajasthan is known for its avid interest in puppetry and you can catch those shows while sitting under a starlit sky along with magic shows.

Pushkar Camel Festival
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2. Shop For Handicrafts

You get the chance to shop for locally made handicrafts, decorations, jewellery and more at the flea bazaars that are set up specifically for the festival.

Pushkar Camel Festival
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3. Try Unique Delicacies

Ever tried cheese made out of camel’s milk? I bet you haven’t. But you can at the Pushkar Camel Festival. With the plethora of camels present, you can try out products made out of camel’s milk which includes camel milk cheesecake. How crazy is that? You can also gorge on delicious Rajasthani food.

Pushkar Camel Festival
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4. Witness The Maha Aarti

The festival is a big deal for the folks in Pushkar and the maha aarti is one of the biggest ceremonies that take place at the festival. It is succeeded by the musical performances that are absolutely a treat for the years.

Pushkar Camel Festival
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5. Take In The Beauty Of Pushkar On A Hot Air Balloon

Although it is a small town, it’s absolutely breathtaking when you see it from the top. And there’s no better way than doing it in a hot air balloon.

Hot Air Balloon
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6. Take Part In Fun Activites

The festival sees the crowning of the camel that has been decorated in the most handsome manner and there are multiple competitors for the crown. But that’s not all. There is also a competition to find the man with the longest moustache. If that isn’t whacky, we don’t know what is.

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Dates: Mon, 4 Nov, 2019 – Tue, 12 Nov, 2019
Location: Pushkar Camel Safari, Pushkar