Puttu Ice Cream, A Take On Popular Kerala Delicacy Leaves Foodies Drooling

by Sanjana Shenoy
Puttu Ice Cream, A Take On Popular Kerala Delicacy Leaves Foodies Drooling

From Gajar Halwa Ice Cream in Naturals, Rainbow Ice Cream Sandwich at Bangalore’s Misu to Horlicks Ice Cream Udupi’s Hotel Diana, ice creams have got a lovable twist. Any new ice cream flavour in the house? “Bring it on!” say foodies. So it isn’t a surprise that Puttu Ice Cream is taking over social media. A take on the popular Kerala delicacy, “puttu”, this ice cream creation is creating waves on the internet for its unique taste and preparation. Well, read on to know more.

Kerala’s Puttu Ice Cream Goes Viral On Social Media

Puttu is an iconic breakfast dish that’s widely consumed in Kerala. It’s also popular in Tamil Nadu, part of Karnataka and Sri Lanka. The healthy breakfast snack is prepared by steaming ground rice layered with coconut shavings in cylinders. Puttu translates to “portioned”, the steamed cylinders of rice flour is often paired with kadla, a chickpea curry. Sometimes it’s also filled with something sweet. An Instagram post shared by @foodie_sha_ shows a server serving the Puttu Ice Cream. The ice cream is slowly released from the puttu maker and it comes out in a cylindrical shape. It’s then topped with crunchy corn flakes and choco chips.

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Devour Puttu Ice Cream At Palooda For ₹260

You can devour the Puttu Ice Cream at Palooda, a dessert bar in Kerala for ₹260. According to The Indian Express, a dessert bar, Palooda in Kerala launched the Puttu Ice Cream harvest festival of Onam, last year. The ice cream experiment since then went viral garnering over 1 million views. Netizens are awe-inspired by the use of the traditional vessel, puttu maker to prepare a modern ice cream sundae. Scoops of different ice cream are placed inside the cylindrical vessel, lightly pressed and then layered with dry fruits, choco chips and corn flakes. It’s finally removed, only to welcome a puttu-like shape.