A Quintessential Experience By the Beach In Dubai – La Mer

by Lakshmi Menon
A Quintessential Experience By the Beach In Dubai – La Mer

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The latest addition to Dubai’s beach cred, La Mer is where you should head if your idea of a day out involves grubbing by the beach, top-notch shopping, catching a movie and some experimental surfing. 

What Is It?

La Mer, translating to the sea is a sprawling 13.4 million sq ft development on reclaimed and existing land between Pearl Jumeria and Jumeria Bay. Featuring wide open walkways lined with palm tree boulevards, graffiti art and cabanas this new neighborhood is a seamless blend of minimalist and contemporary design. The architecture is themed around the Sea fresh Marine and the elements are said to be inspired from the rusted metal and tinted barrels that are the result of sea washing up on timber. The core of design has been the use of sustainable elements using natural elements judiciously and replenishing the depleting ones.

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There are 3 phases to it and the first 2 phases: La Mer South & La Mer North opened on October 15, 2017. The third phase named the Wharf is scheduled to open mid-2018.

La Mer South and La Mer North house over 130 shops, cafes and restaurants surrounded by long stretches of white sand. The Wharf is expected to have a water park, a surf park, and cinema. In a few years time, La Mer is forecasted to have a hotel and residential complex built on adjacent man-made peninsulas.

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What’s In It?

More restaurants that you can eat in even if you dine every meal out for a month, daybeds and cabanas ( on rent)  to work up a tan, clubs like Sea Spice by the beach for a Miami like experience and a natural ocean facing ( yet safe) playground for kids and a whole lot of other facilities like showers, toilets, free WiFi , mobile charging ports, prayer rooms and over 1000 parking spots. 

Serving cuisines from all around the world, restaurants like Aprons & Hammers, Cupagahwa, Hola, Levee Cafe and Lounge, Makan, Mr. Greek, Treej Cafe, Zou Zou are open to public now. A few in the pipeline are Masti, Backyard, Mamikonyan, The  Duchess , The Slab etc.

If you penchant shopping by the beach, you have Beach Bunny, 98 Coasts Av, I Sea, L’ Aqua , Make up Lab, Trink Turk Los Angeles and a whole lot of other exotic brands setting shop there as I write.

If you’re here for the quintessential day by the beach experience, La Mer offers you pristine expanse of white sand beach decked with half-buried surfboards and paddle boards while you enjoy in the safety of shallow waters, read a book on the water hammocks and in a few months take the party on to the water park once you’re done with the beach. 

What’s Unique?

Hawa Hawa, an exciting inflatable playground concept borrowed from Japan featuring a series of dune-shaped peaks for low-impact and high-intensity fun is touted to be a highlight here. Long story short,  a trampoline-like installation by the beach!


Stores, Restaurants & Cafés are open daily from 10:00 am to 12:00 am
Address : 45 2 A St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
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